Introducing The UpTIC:

A New Podcast from NJCTS

NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome and Associated Disorders is proud to announce our brand new podcast: The UpTiC.

Premiering on November 7, The UpTIC will provide an opportunity for the eclectic voices of the TS community to be heard and the topics covered will be as diverse as the neurodivergent population. 

Why Listen?

  • Explore the Iceberg: TS is more than tics. Discover the talents, challenges, and experiences that lie beneath the surface.
  • Expert Takes: Stay updated with insights from therapists, psychologists, and neurodiversity professionals. Learn about cutting-edge TS therapies and research.
  • Real Stories: Hear from diverse voices within the TS community, including LGBTQ+ and ethnic perspectives.
  • Practical Tips: Get actionable strategies for managing TS in daily life.

We're not just here to educate; we aim to inspire action. Subscribe to join a movement committed to breaking down stereotypes and fostering inclusivity.

Meet Our Host

Many in our TS Community know Michael Leopold from his time as a Tim Howard Leadership Academy Coach. Michael is a passionate advocate for mental health and neurodiversity. With a background in career coaching and HR consulting, Michael brings a unique blend of professional expertise and personal experience to the table.

Listen to our trailer now!  New episodes every other Tuesday


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