May 24, 2019
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Myth: The YA Conference is just for Young Agents

Fact : No!

MAIA's June Conference is Powered by Young Agents BUT agents at every stage of their career can pick up a lot of great stuff from this event.

Where else are you going to have an opportunity to:

Take a Risk Management Tour of a place like Spartan Stadium?

Pick up the latest skills in purposeful leadership from a nationally acclaimed leadership coach?

Satisfy your Ethics credit while visiting the stunning Accident Fund headquarters, and

Network, network, network with the future of our industry?

In a nutshell ... MAIA Young Agents are hosting the hippest industry networking event of the year and you are invited!

Your PAC Donations at Work!

PAC dollars are as necessary as ever as your association fights to support legislative issues favorable to member agencies and those who support the Independent Agent. Now is the time to join the fight and to make a financial investment in both AgentPAC (state) and InsurPac (national). 

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No-Fault Reform Deal Struck
Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Speaker Lee Chatfield, and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey announced they have reached a compromise on reforming Michigan’s auto no-fault law. After days of closed-door negotiations, the leaders rolled out Michigan’s first major changes to no-fault in decades. Votes are expected later today in both chambers to send the compromise version of Senate Bill 1 to Governor Whitmer’s desk for her expected signature. MAIA will have a detailed breakdown of the changes to no-fault in the weeks ahead. MAIA will be reviewing the bill and determining our next steps as soon as possible. 

Here are the highlights for today:

  • Allows an insured person to select an Unlimited, $500,000 or $250,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) option. 

  • Allows seniors on Medicare to opt out of purchasing PIP coverage entirely, and allows Medicaid recipients to purchase a PIP policy of $50,000. 

  • Permits enhanced coordination with health insurance. For insureds who select the $250,000 PIP option, the bill will allow for 100% PIP reduction with health coverage that covers injuries related to an auto accident. 

  • Includes a mandatory rate rollback on the PIP line of the auto policy. The rollbacks are: 10% for Unlimited coverage, 20% for $500,000, 35% for $250,000, 45% for $50,000, and 100% PIP reduction for Medicare or Enhanced opt-outs.

  • Increases current minimum coverage of residual liability insurance from $20,000/$40,000 to $50,000/$100,000.

  • Increases the mini-tort provision from $1,000 to $3,000.

  • Prohibits the use of most non-driving rating factors. Insurers will still be allowed to use credit information and territory as a rating factor.

  • Requires a statutory form be created by DIFS that requires the insured's signature acknowledging coverage level. This is a consumer protection issue since the current no-fault system has been in place for over 40 years and has been advocated for by MAIA.

  • Puts in statute the current auto insurance fraud task force within DIFS to investigate insurers, health providers, drivers or anyone who is defrauding the system for personal benefit.

Look for future News Now updates, including a more detailed look into the coming changes to no-fault auto insurance.
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