Get Inspiration for PNSQC
Presentation Proposal
We are a week away from from our kick-off event, " Lighting the Torch ." Be sure to join us on Thursday, January 23, at 6 PM as we open the Call for Proposals for PNSQC 2020.

It will also be an evening of Lighting Talks to inspire and spark conversations. Topics and presenters include:

  • Be Agile with Security - Bhushan Gupta
  • The Strong Survive - Philip Lew
  • Communication Safety Checks - Sion Heaney
  • Mob Programming as Equilibrium in Software Development - Matthew Inman Cochrane
  • Communication is Key: Lessons Learned from Testing in Healthcare Technology - Rachael Lovallo
  • BIT Basics: A Bit About BITS - Tariq King
  • Security as the new Non-Functional Requirement - Daniel Kranowski
Upcoming Managing Acceptance
Testing Workshop
THIS JUST IN: PNSQC, in collaboration with the Statewide QA Program of the State of Oregon, will hold a workshop on Managing Acceptance Testing on Friday, January 24 in Salem, Oregon, starting at 9:30 AM.

This morning event is part of a series of seminars and workshops that aim to spread knowledge and ideas in IT quality and risk management — in Oregon state government and in Oregon's increasingly important high technology sector.

The workshop will be facilitated by Phil Lew (pictured), Program Chair for PNSQC, and additional presenters include the staff of the Statewide QA Program and the E-Government Program.
" PNSQC was fantastic. It was my first time at a conference, and a QA conference specifically. It was really great to hear a lot of different perspectives and people’s points of view and where they’re coming from in the QA world. It was really eye-opening. "
Crystal Liles , 2019 PNSQC attendee