A huge win for bonobos and a little bit of justice for Ingende.
Breaking news! Three traffickers who captured our beloved Ingende (pictured here) have been sentenced to 5 months in prison and fined US $5,000. The traffickers were found to be in possession of 2 bonobo skulls, 11 hands, a civet pelt, and a baby bonobo they were planning to sell on the illegal wildlife market.

Wildlife trafficking is one of the biggest threats to bonobos and conservation as a whole in the DR Congo.

According to news reports from the DR Congo, this is the first time the legal system has imposed criminal penalties in a case of wildlife trafficking!

But it doesn't stop here- director of NGO Conserv Congo Adams Cassinga has declared:
"We promise to go up the chain to dismantle all links in this network...we want the Congolese public to understand that we must not only protect the human being as a living being, but also protect the wildlife and flora."
Read the full story in this article but please be aware- it contains a distressing image of dead bonobos being sold as bushmeat at a market.