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Village Approves First Permanent Traffic Calming Project Since 2010 at Aug. 03 Meeting
PALMETTO BAY, FL, AUGUST 18, 2016 - CORRECTION: The first traffic calming project was actually approved on August 3, 2016 by the Village Council during a Special Council Meeting. 

Resolution 2016-60 approves a contract with Williams Paving Company to install multiple, permanent asphaltic speed tables in the following locations: 
  • Area south of SW 168th, north of SW 180th Street from 87th Court to SW 84th Avenue on SW 174th Street, SW 84th Avenue, SW 86th Avenue, and SW 87th Court. 
A separate resolution was passed at the August 15 Special Council Meeting approving the installation of permanent asphaltic speed tables in following 5 areas:
  • 2 tables will be placed on SW 77th Avenue between Old Cutler Road and 176th Street
  • 2 tables will be placed on SW 174th Street between Old Cutler Road and SW 77th Avenue 
  • 2 tables will be placed on SW 83rd Avenue between SW 180th Street and SW 184th Street
  • 2 tables will be placed on SW 93rd Avenue between SW 174th Street and 182 Street
  • 3 tables will be placed on SW 94th Avenue between SW 176th Street and SW 183rd Terrace
In December of 2015, the Public Services Department commenced a pilot program for placement of temporary speed hump devices for a 90-day period at locations that were identified in the June 18, 2015 Traffic Calming Initiative Presentation. The temporary traffic calming devices installed effectively reduced speeds to 25 mph or less with nominal reduction in volume thus resulting in the permanent plan for the areas identified above.  
Construction is set to begin in September for the permanent speed tables; the Village of Palmetto Bay is committed to the safety and livability of its residential neighborhoods and is confident that the permanent traffic calming devices will substantially improve roadway safety and traffic on these neighborhood roads.
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