Protests in Murrieta CA over Immigration Being Reported Inaccurately in the Press


We know how unreliable the news media are so we are on the scene to provide you with the most accurate information.


Not surprisingly, we have discovered that these protests are not anti-immigrant eruptions of xenophobia as it has been portrayed in many press accounts. Neither is it about race or national origin for many of these people, it is the latest boil over of anger towards the federal government which is viewed by many of the protesters as oppressive in stifling of its citizens rights. The busloads of immigrants are seen as the unwitting victims of the Obama Administration, which is using them as tools to impose its will on Americans. 


Further, it is seen as a metaphor for all the other things the Obama administration is doing to suppress their rights as individuals.


One protester named Robert (declined to give his last name), himself a Latino from Lake Elsinore, CA, said that he is in Murrieta to "protest big government". Robert says that he is "angry at Obama" and told us that this "is a small issue but it represents the overall encroachment of the federal government" and a callous disregard for individual rights.


Robert also stated that the counter-protesters are being bused in and that they are "Brown Berets" which he described as "a militant" group of Leftists who wish to impose socialist ideas on the United States. Robert said that the Brown Berets taunted and called him "a coconut" for promoting American ideals.


U.S. Border Patrol, Murrietta CA


Clinton Kirby of Riverside County said he also sees the protest as not being about a busload of illegal immigrants, but about an unaccountable federal government who created this crisis. "There is already a humanitarian crisis, and [the federal government is] causing it," Kirby said. He also called the government's attempt to deal with it as "a waste of resources".


The so-called mainstream media is   attempting to portray this protest as negatively as possible, but the reality is that it seems to be the effervescing of the public's stark distrust of the Obama  administration andnot hostility 

towards  people of another race.


It further  alienates the  people from  their government while also alienating the immigrants.  


In the next couple of days a more volatile confrontation is expected.  We will be on site to provide you with analysis of the situation.

Scott Wheeler interviews protesters in Murrieta.


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                                                      Scott Wheeler being interviewed
         by local media.


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