May 11, 2019
Breaking: Three More Medical Facilities Bombed in Syria Today; 16 Total in Two Weeks
Texas-  Three more hospitals were bombed today in Syria, bringing the total to 16 hospitals targeted in the past two weeks. On May 11 at 1:20 a.m. Damascus time, the Sham hospital in Kafranbel in Idlib, Syria was hit by an airstrike. The hospital was damaged and put out of service. No injuries or casualties were reported. 
On May 11 at 5:45 a.m. Damascus time, the Alghab Primary Health Care Center, in Hama, Syria was hit by an airstrike, heavily damaged and put out of service. No injuries or casualties were reported.
On May 11, at 9:10 a.m. Damascus time, Alhawash Hospital- 112 in Alghab area, Hama was hit by airstrikes. The facility was damaged and put out of service. No injuries or casualties were reported.
On May 10 at 4:45 p.m. Damascus time, the Kafranbel Surgical hospital in Idlib, Syria was hit by an airstrike. This was the third time it had been targeted in two weeks. No injuries or casualties were reported. 
There were no injuries or casualties in the medical facilities mentioned above because all facilities were evacuated and shut down due to continuous bombardment.
Dr. Khaula Sawah, Vice President of UOSSM USA said, "I am appalled that these hospital bombings have been allowed to continue for the past two weeks. 16 hospitals have been targeted and put out of service leaving the population with less and less options for medical care as they are being targeted and attacked. Our sources on the ground are estimating 350,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs). We have seen the images of families living under trees with no shelter. This is heartbreaking and unacceptable, we call on all parties to stop the attacks on medical facilities, and on innocent civilians. It is a war crime and those responsible must be held accountable."
In the strongest terms, UOSSM condemns the attacks on civilians and medical facilities. UOSSM urges all parties to the conflict to find a peaceful resolution. UOSSM urges the UN Security Council and the international community to implement UNSC Resolution 2286 for the protection of medical facilities and aid workers. We urge the international community to release emergency humanitarian funding for medical aid, shelter, food, water and sanitation.

*Casualty and displacement numbers fluctuate frequently as the conditions change on the ground.

Previous Medical Facilities Attacked:
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Since 2012, UOSSM has been providing emergency medical relief and healthcare services to the Syrian people affected by the crisis, working primarily inside Syria and with Syrian refugees in Turkey.
  • In 2018, UOSSM supported 14 primary health care centers and 13 mobile clinics
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