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Your Executive Sponsor Has
Accepted Your Meeting Invite!
It's hard to secure a meeting with an executive sponsor. They are busy with top company priorities from early AM to late PM. They have people surrounding them to protect their time. They have managers empowered to handle issues and meet with people. How do you overcome these hurdles to gain access?
By clearly understanding your unique 'why', you will gain the confidence required to overcome any doubts or fears associated with active executive access. When calling on executives, intent matters.
Want a meeting with me_
If your intention is to sell them something, then you will probably be shut down. If your aim is to go over your current contact's head without their support, then you probably won't obtain an audience. If your intention is to educate the senior executive on your products and services, then you have a very low chance of securing time on their calendar. Even if your reason is to learn more about their organization, vision, or priorities, you most likely won't make the 'A' list for a meeting.
You might be wondering at this point, "What is left? Why would an executive want to meet with me?"
I asked that very question to executives I interviewed for my latest book. My sources told me they care most about:
  • The health, direction and reputation of their organizations
  • Their people
  • Their customers
  • Industry trends
  • Their key initiatives
  • Risk or threats of any kind
  • Their manager (investors, board of directors, etc.)
  • The top and bottom lines
A Mutually Beneficial Agenda
If you have a plan to form a mutually beneficial agenda around these areas, then you will be successful. You must make yourself irresistible to that executive. Executives are attracted to individuals who are thought leaders, resourceful, insightful, experts, interesting, accomplished, and successful; in short, individuals who can add value to them and their organizations.   Executives are extremely deliberate and purposeful themselves and appreciate this quality in others.
Understanding 'why' executives want to meet with you is your first key to success in securing a meeting with your executive sponsor.

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