APLA Health is hard at work breaking down stigma, reforming state laws and removing barriers to care. You can be too!

In 2017, APLA Health cosponsored California SB 239, landmark legislation to reform outdated state laws that unfairly punished people living with HIV/AIDS. With the passage of SB 239, California became the first state in the country — and the model for other states — to treat HIV under the criminal laws in the same way we treat transmission of other serious communicable diseases.

Last year, we co-sponsored SB 159, another revolutionary bill that allows people to go directly to a pharmacist to get their first 30-days of PrEP medication, a once-daily pill that can stop the spread of HIV. With its passage, SB 159 increases the places where people can access these medications, increases the number of healthcare professionals who can provide them and removes onerous and unnecessary insurance barriers.
Are you seeing Stars? We sure are!
Despite all the obstacles, our Star Walkers and Star Teams have rallied this year to raise funds for APLA Health Care, Support and Education programs. We’re so grateful to you all!

If you are one of our Star Walkers, be sure to customize your star plaque!
Are you on your way to being a Star Walker, but need some more fundraising tips? Check out our fundraising tips page for some ideas. You might even know a friend, family member or co-worker who is close to reaching Star Walker status. See how you can help them out.

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Meet Edward, a $1000 donor!
Edward has been a Walker and volunteer before, but this year he decided to go all out and donate over $1,000 to benefit APLA Health services. Why did he do it? Here’s Edward’s story:

“It is my pleasure, obligation, and deepest motivation to help APLA Health in any way that I can. The cause is close to my heart, and the medical and mental health treatment provided by APLA Health is so necessary, especially now. I have been an avid supporter of AIDS Walk since the 90's when we were walking from Paramount Studio, with Madonna leading us on. When my job hours didn't allow me to walk, I became a volunteer with set up, hauling items—anything to help this noble work. This year is no different. We cannot walk and gather in the way we have in the past, but we can still give. Give with our hearts, give with our souls, give for those living with HIV, and give for those that are no longer with us except in our thoughts and prayers. I hope you’ll join me in supporting this organization that helps so many people.”

To follow Edward’s lead and donate to AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2020, click here:
AIDS Walk Los Angeles
213.201.9255 (WALK) · aidswalkla.org