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Meet Osei Gyamfi
Vice President, BSMA Career Portal 
Calabasas, California, March 2, 2021 - BSMA, born14 years ago as an Academy of Supply Chain Management, has launched an exclusive “Career Portal” for professionals and students seeking to advance their careers in supply chain management in Life Sciences. Osei Gyamfi has been appointed Vice President to head BSMA’s Career Portal to meet the greatest challenge of finding talent for the industry focused on saving lives and improving global healthcare. Serving nearly 1,000 enterprises in the biopharma industry and 15 major universities offering programs in life sciences and supply chain management, BSMA has instituted a unique platform to enable employee hiring and individual career growth where the guiding principles of inclusivity, gender parity, race diversity, neurodiversity and employment of persons with disability are achieved. 

Devendra Mishra, the Executive Director of BSMA, in announcing the appointment of Osei Gyamfi remarked, “Osei Gyamfi has been an entrepreneur in the realm of technical recruitment with a mission to achieve corporate social responsibility since graduating from Pepperdine University six years ago. He has an uncanny ability to deploy technology to make the world a better place. Over time, under his leadership, the Career Portal will incorporate resources for career guidance, mentorships and counselling.”

Osei Gyamfi observed, “The COVID-19 pandemic has made supply chain become the ubiquitous perspective from Main Street to Wall Street. It has demonstrated that supply chain management is critical in saving human lives. The opportunity to recruit, develop and advance the career of persons in the Trillion Life Sciences industry has never been greater. Career Portal is a smart, seamless and responsive platform to align career expectations for the unprecedented, challenging times.” 
Mr. Gyamfi earned his bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley in 2002 and his MBA from Pepperdine University in 2015. He has been in all phases of recruiting and recruiting management for 18 years in various industries of medical device, aerospace, automotive, and AR/VR. He has successfully built recruiting organizations that have successfully grown organizations from 100 to 1,200 employees. He is also a tech entrepreneur and has successfully launched several products including the BSMA jobs portal being launched.
The Career Portal is a seamless platform for job seekers and employers where mutual goals can be achieved. BSMA has made it their mission to help Life Sciences companies place over 200 qualified professionals into key positions within the next 90-days.
For more information on how to post job vacancies or search for open positions, Visit our Career Portal.
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