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Calabasas, 11.10.2020. BSMA has announced the promotion of Bill Coakley to Executive Vice President of Clinical and Commercial Supply Chain Management from his current position of Vice President of Strategic Alliances in order to reinforce its initiative to optimize the Clinical-Commercial supply chain.

Devendra Mishra, Executive Director of BSMA observed, “Drug development and product availability have been the lifeline of Life Sciences with its intrinsic challenges of exorbitant cost, long lead time and low success rate. Bill Coakley, a principle architect of BSMA, has spearheaded optimization of the clinical supply chain from our inception. He will lead our initiative to support the unprecedented industry effort to accelerate the development of vaccines and therapeutic drugs to win the war on the apocalyptic COVID-19 pandemic and enable mass immunization.”

Bill Coakley remarked, “Over a decade, I have been had the unique opportunity at BSMA to foster collaboration for the optimization of the Clinical Supply Chain by advancing S&OP for clinical and commercial operations, facilitating building of systems and connectivity, and integrating with CROs and Logistics providers. The formidable challenge of the COVID-19 has necessitated that we reinvigorate and elevate our platform to transform drug development and its commercialization from the supply chain perspective.” 
William A. Coakley is a supply chain veteran of the Life Science industry for over 30 years in global, multi-divisional, and start-up companies, including BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, Genzyme, Quest Diagnostics, Exelixis and Nutricia.  He has extensive experience directing both commercial and clinical supply chain activities. He has implemented multi-site and multi-company Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) processes and established innovative supply chain strategies to support dramatic growth, resulting in cost of goods sold and lead times significantly. He also directed the development and execution of planning, strategic sourcing, packaging, IXRS, and distribution strategies for 35 over 100 clinical studies in North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia. Coakley was the Founder and First Chairperson for both BIO and Massachusetts Biotech Council’s Purchasing Committees. He received his M.B.A. from Anna Maria College and B.B.A. from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
The scope of the BSMA initiative encompasses the following:

  • Demand visibility for operations planning and inventory management, including addressing the specific blinding and randomization needs for clinical trials to facilitate demand forecasting
  • Integrated clinical operations with commercial operations
  • Adoption and integration of Interactive Response Technology Systems
  • Materials Management for Manufacturing, Packaging, Labeling and Shipments
  • Country-specific Online Labeling
  • Temperature-controlled (Cold Chain) Packaging and Transportation
  • Returns Handling
  • System and Network Integration with Service Providers (CROs, Logistics, etc.)
  • Integration with ERP Systems Utilize Data Analytics for Optimization
  • Optimization of Clinical Trials Design using streamlined processes and real-time data to help leaders make informed decisions on every aspect of the supply chain
  • Clinical Trial Design and Patient Enrollment
  • Patient-centric Data and Leveraging Universal Relevant Therapy Patient Data
  • Integrity and Security along with end-to-end transparency and insights into the clinical supplies process from source to site to adhere to compliance requirements
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