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Reid Davidson is searching for a business to buy.
Entrepreneur Craig Greenhouse and I peel back the screen on “Dealmaking Fake Gurus.” The tale he tells reveals the good, bad and ugly. (The charlatans pitching nonsense to gullible searchers won’t like our podcast.)
Want to emulate a creative financing and operational maneuver that increased profit 20% in 90-days? Listen to me talk about it with Robert Heaton, acquisition and post-merger integration specialist, Global PMI Partners.

Breaking News October 2, 2020

New Guidance from the SBA on PPP forgiveness, including how to process M&A and Business Acquisition transactions!

Thanks for pointing me to this, Jordan Richmond, VP, SBA Lending, Ameris Bank:

SBA issued long-awaited guidance for handling a change of business with a PPP loan.
Thanks for pointing me to this, Ron Buck, M&A Advisor/Broker at Murphy

More how-to tips . . .

Business buyers (and sellers) can save thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in professional fees by knowing the correct timing to handle some of the topics pertaining to reps and warranties.

Listen to a few dozen tips from attorney Scott Weavil. Attorney Scott Weavil and Ted Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate, concentrate attention on some of the most important (and risky) aspects of dealmaking: Reps and warranties. Why? Business buyers and sellers (and quite a few professional advisors) don’t adequately understand or early-enough anticipate reps and warranties. It’s a BIG mistake to defer this topic to until contract-time.

Answers to 20 questions from searchers (begin at minute 4:10). You'll hear how business buyers are blindsided by the seller's employees. And how to avoid it.

I’ll say it again: Before you hire advisors or make offers
to purchase businesses, check out the reputation and the statements
made by the so-called experts and
the owners and key employees of SMBs.

On LinkedIn, for example, don’t limit yourself
to their posts; examine all their activity
(you can see their comments to posts from other people).
“Oh,” you say, “there isn’t much to find on social media about people”?
Consider running; not walking away.
(IMHO) for people (and companies) NOT visible
with useful information on social media,
and from Google searches, you might
wonder how much they actually know about
what they say they know. Or you might wonder
about their (hidden?) agenda for what they want you to do.


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It’s always a good time to search
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IF you buy mature, profitable
and fairly-priced businesses
with sustainable competitive advantages.
AND if the deal is done in the
context of economic circumstances.
AND your terms of purchase are
flexible enough to handle what’s coming.


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A really big tip for business buyers:
  • Don't buy a company if it won't position you to grow by M&A. Otherwise you might be buying a job. And unnecessarily coping too much with your competition. (See below.)

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