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We're on the move...
. . . to a new studio! The past year has presented big challenges, but you--our students, residents, and friends--have consistently supported the studio with your purchase of gift cards, Go Fund Me donations, and, yes, even purchases of pottery. Without your generosity we wouldn't be here today.

This pandemic has accentuated the difficulties of our limited space, and it has been a challenge to keep everyone safe. We have had fewer opportunities for students to come in and practice and for residents to pursue their work. Yet no one has complained. So after long thought, I've decided to move the studio to a more spacious facility where our students and residents will have the space they deserve to work in.

On June 1, we will move to the Jackson Road Technology Park, 6087 Jackson Road, Suite 200, where we will have 4600 square feet of total studio space compared to our current 2144 square feet. Our new studio will have an area for our residents to work anytime regardless of classes taking place. There will be more opportunities for students to use their practice time. We will have more shelves, more room in our glazing area, more table space, an indoor gas kiln, state of the art air cleaners, and a picnic table out back for lunch.

We are so excited to move to a bigger studio that is more accommodating of all of our needs. We will do our best to make the transition as seamless as possible.
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