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Laura R. Korman, DC, DACBN
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Carbs, Calories, Ketosis.....Oh My!
August 12, 2018

PORT CHARLOTTE -- Dr. Laura Korman, of Korman Relief & Wellness Center, is a chiropractic physician, is board certified in nutrition, and is also the developer of 2 life changing programs, “GEARED 2 be well” and “Innate 28”. She has a strong passion for restoring and optimizing the health of her patients, which provides the drive to continuously learn, study, research, and share her knowledge not only with her patients, but also with the community via ongoing seminars.

Dr. Korman has expanded her knowledge base recently by attending a 4 day conference in San Diego, California, presented by LowCarb USA. Some of the speakers and topics included Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt (The Food Revolution), Dr. Steve Phinney (Inflammation, Nutritional Ketosis, and Metabolic Disease), Dr. Jacob Wilson and Dr. Ryan Lowery (The Effects of Ketogenic Dieting on Lifespan), Dr. Robert Cywes (Diabetes Understood—Diabetes Resolved), Ivor Cummins (Root Causes and Solutions for Heart Disease and More), and Gary Taubes (The Qualities of Calories).

The valuable information Dr. Korman gains through these conferences and seminars is implemented and shared in her own presentations of the 2 lifestyle programs mentioned above. The common denominator is that with proper diet and lifestyle changes, we can alter the way our bodies process food and produce energy, which can slow down our brain's aging process, improve mood and energy, help us lose weight, and provide mental clarity and overall health. To learn more, attend an upcoming seminar on the “GEARED 2 be well” and “Innate 28” programs, and gain the tools and information necessary to get started on your own personal journey to optimized health!

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