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If your travels take you to Oshkosh, please stop by our booth (369) and see our exciting new aircraft: CA 6.2
July 18, 2022

The next generation of experimental sport utility aircraft has arrived. With a fully Carbon Composite construction, the CA6.2 provides an aerodynamic airframe large enough to comfortably seat 6 adults, plus baggage. 350 horsepower will take you and your family to places you've been dreaming of, all while cruising at 175 knots. The fixed landing gear gives the aircraft the ability to take your 2000 pound usefull load into rugged terrain where you are unable to take a retractable gear aircraft. Combine all of those attributes and you have a wonderful aircraft that can be used by your family, or as a utility aircraft.
Whether you plan to build this aircraft yourself, or use a builder assistance program, the quick build features that are molded into the composite parts will get you airborne much faster than previous generations of composite experimentals. Our new assembly techniques remove the need for complicated lamination techniques by joining formed parts with specialized adhesives, making this a robust, but light airframe.

Comp Air Aviation...a world leader in design, development and manufacturing of advanced, carbon and fiberglass composite aircraft, is proud to announce yet another aircraft conceptually designed with a roomy cabin, high useful load, strength, durability and impressive performance. An aircraft that fits nicely into their impressive-line.
About Comp Air Aviation
Over the years, Comp Air has become a well-known fixture in producing high-performance utility aircraft and all of our aircraft including the (CA 6.2) are available with our Super Floats.

Comp Air 6.2 Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Lycoming
  • Model: IO-580-AC1A
  • Horsepower: 325 @ sea level
  • TBO: 2000 hrs
  • Manufacturer: McCauley
  • Blades: 3
  • Type: Constant Speed
  • Length: 31'-1"
  • Wingspan: 40'
  • Height: 12'-5.5"
  • Cabin Width: 52"
  • Cabin Height 45.5"
  • Wing Area: 208.5 sq. ft.
  • Wing Loading: 21.5 lbs./sq. ft.
  • Aspect Ratio: 8.2
  • Max Cruise: 175 ktas
  • Economy Cruise: 173 ktas @ 8200ft (75% power)
  • Stall Speed: 62 kts. with flaps
  • Empty Weight: 2500 lbs.
  • Gross Weight: 4500 lbs.
  • Useful Load: 2000 lbs 
  • Seating: 6 place + baggage
  • Maximum Range: 840 nm @6500 ft with Reserve
  • Service Ceiling: 15.700 ft.
  • Climb Rate @ Gross: 1250

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