For Immediate Release

Sheriff Contact:

To report a crime/non emergency

616-632-6100 ext 1

Online reporting for non emergency

The Lake Bella Vista Community Suffered Theft, Vandalism and Stolen Property Last Night

Three cars were reported stolen along with many break-ins of vehicles parked in driveways or in the streets.

What Should You do?

  • Report all activity to the KCSD using the options above. Let the authorities decipher if your information is relevant or not, you never know!
  • If you have any video evidence of the events that took place last night, the KCSD would love to review the footage. Please contact them.
  • Park you vehicle in doors. If that is not an option and you must park in your driveway, remember to remove your keys from your vehicle, keep personal belongings out of site of anyone walking by, and lock your doors.
  • Invest in a Ring Doorbell or similar product with camera and video capability.
  • Leave your exterior lights on at night.
  • Be vigilant- see something, say something. Report all suspicious activity to the sheriff using the non emergency methods above.

Lake Bella Vista Improvement Association

We are a private community that utilizes public roadways. We cannot gate all of our entrances, but we can be proactive and vigilant. Word spreads quickest by neighbors and friends talking or on social media. If you suspect any suspicious behavior or activities spread the word. If you have ideas or suggestions to help prevent situations like this in the future, please let us know. And please remember to report all crimes so the sheriff is aware.