A major breakthrough in San Francisco
Breakthrough Experience in San Francisco
I wanted to let you know about a life changing experience I had during a recent speaking event in San Francisco. I also have an update to share with you regarding my Medium Certification Program, and an interview published by New Dawn Magazine.
An amazing experience
I was recently invited to speak at the Golden Gate Spiritualist Church in San Francisco, which was founded in 1924 by the late Reverend Florence Becker, who was a gifted medium. (Becker passed in 1970.)

My talk at the church went very well and something unexpected and exhilarating happened that proved to be a major turning point for me. Prior to my entry onto the pulpit to speak, Medium Tina Powers, who was to follow me, encouraged me to share any messages I might receive. I promised Tina I would do so if something came to me, but I had no expectations about this happening. Tina clearly felt I would get some sort of message.

About 20-30 minutes before my talk I sat quietly in the healing room of the church with my eyes shut. During this time I spontaneously had two names pop into my awareness, which were "Max" and "Maxine." Shortly thereafter I gave about a twenty minute talk and true to my word I asked the audience of about eighty people if the names "Max" or "Maxine" meant anything to anyone. The Pastor, Del Lauderback immediately announced that "Max" and "Maxine" were the names of twin children born to the Founder of the church, Florence Becker. He noted that Max and Maxine had been delivered stillborn and "grew up in spirit". He also shared that this information was known by just a few longtime church members. In fact the church Board Member who had invited me to speak was unaware of this fact. Del was deeply touched and said, "I think we know who is here," referring to Reverend Becker.

The more I thought about this message the more it seemed to offer exceptional evidence for survival of consciousness. It was obscure, involving two unusual names known to a select few people-yet clearly relating to Florence Becker. From all accounts, Becker was larger than life and she displayed uncanny accuracy and provided exceptional detail through her mediumship. Becker was sufficiently astute to understand that this sort of message would provide far more compelling evidence than something simpler and known by more people. Also consider that the Pastor, Del Lauderback was hoping to receive a message from his deceased wife who had passed exactly one year earlier to the day. His thoughts were undoubtedly keenly focused on his spouse, rendering telepathy with him an unlikely conclusion. (Tina Powers later shared compelling messages with Del, which indicated clear communication from his wife, so he was not left high and dry.)

I'm glad that I followed Tina's prodding to share this information. At the time it came into my awareness it seemed like it might have been an irrelevant creation of my imagination. I guess that is my lesson here - although information may be delivered in a subtle way, it may be quite important and powerful. Maybe it's like the little Mustard Seed, referred to by Jesus.  
Medium Certification

My medium certification program continues to grow as I test more people. Two of the mediums that recently achieved certification scored about 85% accuracy, while providing some uncannily specific information. Results for any specific reading cannot be guaranteed, but I'm highly encouraged by the quality of people who have come through my program and earned certification. Check out the site if you're considering getting a reading.

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"New Dawn" magazine's publication of an interview with me

After my first book, Soul Shift, was released it became apparent that there was a need for information pertaining to evidence supporting the possibility of an afterlife. Bereaved parents indicated that the book was a "life preserver" and some even told me that they had shelved suicidal thoughts after reading it.

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Recommended book

Russell is a touching book that contains some of the most compelling personal evidence for the afterlife that I've read. The author, Gwen Byrne shares remarkable cases where she makes contact with her deceased son Russell, both directly and through some of the best mediums of the day. She was meticulous in the process and her account is highly credible.
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