Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Let Us Pause and Remember All Who Have Been Affected by Breast Cancer

In order to give proper massage therapy care to clients with cancer, or those with a history of cancer, massage therapists should have special training in how to treat this specific population.  Massage therapy sessions should be customized to consider important factors such as the type of cancer and the medical care provided such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Compassion Massage strives to provide optimal treatment to all clients. When life takes a sudden unexpected turn, you can feel confident knowing that Compassion Massage is ready to provide the right support, at the right time. 

We have many clients who seek supportive care after being diagnosed with cancer and those who are currently undergoing treatment. We are also grateful for the cancer survivor that trust us with their continued care. 
  At Compassion Massage we are proud to have a staff of advanced therapists who are trained in Oncology massage. We encourage all of our staff members to enroll in a 4-Day Intensive Oncology training in Boston. We're very excited for our therapist, Chantel, who will receive this training next month in November!

Wellnessliving Schedule Software

Launch Date: November 5, 2018

 At Compassion Massage we want to offer our clients the best, which is why we're switching our schedule software from Genbook to Wellnessliving.  Our clients will be using a newer, more user-friendly software to book their future appointments. 

Just a few benefits Wellnessliving has to offer you:

  • Our first ever branded app to make managing your account even easier!
  • Compassion Rewards Loyalty Program will track points for each visit
  • Better Online Scheduling tools
  • Real-Time Appointment Booking
Nationally Featured in Massage Magazine!
Massage Magazine
Best Practices: Orthopedic Massage with a Hands-On Approach
Cathrine Thibault and her staff are dedicated to providing exceptional care to their clients. At Compassion Massage, an emphasis is placed on advanced massage education and continual hands on training in the clinic. Also, Cathrine enrolls her licensed massage therapists in Whitney Lowe's Orthopedic Massage program as an employee benefit. At Compassion, our clients recognize the difference we make in their lives and we are grateful for their support.

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Compassion Massage Staff
Have You Heard about our Referral Program?
We value the effort our clients have made to share their Compassion Massage experiences with the people they care about most. The growth of our reputation would not be possible without the referrals we receive from our clients. 

When you refer someone to our office we'll mail you a special thank you card that will allow you to receive $10 off your next massage! Best of all, the discount never 
expires. Just bring the card with you to your next appointment.  It's that simple!

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