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I want to share some exciting news with you all!  Governor Gavin Newsom announced that he hopes to expand paid family leave to six months in California!  We are so happy to be starting 2019 with needed attention g iven to the dilemma faced by new parents when forced to choose between providing optimal bonding and care for their new child and a paycheck. We were contacted by KFI Radio AM 640 to do an interview about our thoughts, which I provided. You can hear sound bite s from the interview here !

Even with this exciting proposal in the works, the United States is still behind what is offered by most developed nations around the world (and we are lucky to live in California, as most states don't even have the protections and benefits we are entitled to here). The United States is the only developed country in the world that doesn’t guarantee paid time off to new mothers and, in fact, just two of the 34 OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries do not guarantee paid leave to new fathers (The United States and Papa New Guinea). Now is the time to continue the fight for our families' rights.

Please join us, and our partner The California Work & Family Coalition , in spreading the word about our excitement and commitment to the Governor's proposal. This also came on the heels of First 5 LA sponsoring a paid family leave training with BreastfeedLA and The California Work & Family Coalition which will be held this spring, so keep an eye out for more details to come!

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Thank you Governor Gavin Newsom @GavinNewsom for looking for bold solutions and recognizing the need for California families to have adequate time to care. Time to value all care, value ever family #PaidFamilyLeave #PaidLeave @WorkFamilyCA 

Proud member of @WorkFamilyCA - we're mobilizing people statewide to share the urgency and the benefits of #paidleave. It's time for #PaidFamilyLeave for all!

All families need adequate time to bond with new children and and also to care for seriously ill loved ones. Time to value all care, value every family #PaidLeave #PaidFamilyLeave @GavinNewsom 

Let's continue advocating for California families in 2019!

Arissa Palmer
Executive Director
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To sit for the IBCLC certification examination, an individual must meet eligibility criteria in three areas: Health Sciences Education, Lactation Specific Education, and Lactation Specific Clinical Experience. This course satisfies one of the three requirements: Lactation Specific Education. 


April 2, 11, 18, 24, 30

This lactation educator series touches on all areas of the IBCLE Detailed Content Outline (for those preparing to sit for the IBCLC Board Exam) and meets the Step 2 Baby-Friendly USA Staff Education Requirements, 2016 Edition.
This 45-course in lactation education covers basic breastfeeding management techniques such as Positioning, Attachment, Physiology & Hormones of Breastfeeding, Milk Production, Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Counseling Skills, Creating a Prenatal Breastfeeding Class, Adult Learning Techniques, plus more!

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Legislative/Advocacy Updates
From the USBC Team:

The  proposed objectives for Healthy People 2030  have been released, and now is the time to express your support of breastfeeding via the public comments! 

The Healthy People initiative sets the 10-year agenda for improving our Nation's health. The number of breastfeeding objectives has been reduced to one (exclusive breastfeeding at six months), down from Healthy People 2020, which included eight breastfeeding objectives (including four sub-objectives). To ensure continued momentum and progress toward creating a landscape of breastfeeding support across the United States, it is critical that Healthy People 2030 maintains a focus on breastfeeding. 

The deadline is Thursday, January 17, so please  submit your comments today !

The USBC, in partnership with the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, National Association of County & City Health Officials, National Association of Professional and Peer Lactation Supports of Color, and National WIC Association, have released  template comments  to serve as a resource for individuals and organizations responding to the public comment opportunity for Healthy People 2030. They'll help you find background information, recommendations, rationale, instructions, and template comments that you can copy or adapt for your submission. 

As a reminder, regulatory commenting is not lobbying. The federal government is actively soliciting your input to inform its decision-making.

USBC has been closely monitoring Healthy People 2030 development to ensure that supporting breastfeeding families remains a priority for improving the health of our nation. We know that when we raise our voices together, we can move mountains. Please take a few minutes today to submit a comment. 

Be part of the change we want to see for a healthier California.
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Center for WorkLife Law report shows widespread breastfeeding discrimination and offers policy solutions:
Exposed: Discrimination Against Breastfeeding Workers , recently released by the Center for WorkLife Law at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, exposes the devastating consequences of breastfeeding discrimination, including job loss, negative health outcomes, sexual harassment, and weaning earlier than doctors recommend. According to the study, 27.6 million women of childbearing age don’t have the basic protections needed by all breastfeeding workers. The report features the stories of breastfeeding women who struggled with a lack of accommodations, hostility, and retaliation, including an NYPD police officer, an emergency room nurse, a kindergarten teacher, and a U.S. Air Force Airman. It also offers the seven components of a model policy states can enact to ensure breastfeeding workers are able to earn a living for their families without jeopardizing their health.

The report is released alongside an interactive map of state laws that impact breastfeeding workers, available here . Breastfeeding workers, health care providers, and employers seeking information about breastfeeding accommodations, laws, and policies can visit the Center for WorkLife Law’s online resource center . To share the report with your networks, check out this social media toolkit
Partner News & Opportunities
Calling All Doulas!
We are looking for doulas practicing in California! We are conducting a survey seeking your input about your practice and the possibility of Medi-Cal coverage for doula care. We are particularly interested in hearing from doulas of color, including doulas who are Black, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Indigenous/Native American. We are also particularly interested in hearing from doulas who currently do work with low-income and underserved patients, including patients on Medi-Cal or other types of public insurance.  Survey participants will be entered into a random drawing to receive one of eight $50 Target gift cards.

To be eligible for the drawing, you need to complete the survey before February 15, 2019.
For more information and to complete the survey, go to

Sister Song's latest webinar session announced!
SisterSong launched “Collective Voices” series three years ago with the goal of bringing together conversations about exciting, groundbreaking work at the intersection of reproductive justice and other movements. 

Mark your calendars for Friday, January 18th from 1:00-2:30pm ET.
Register  HERE !
Research Round-up
‘A Pumping Conspiracy’: Why Workers Smuggled Breast Pumps Into Prison
A recent article in The New York Times explores correctional center employees' challenges to pump breast milk for their babies after returning to work from maternity leave. In many environments, the right to express breast milk at work is deemed unfeasible, and lack of support and acceptance is common among American employers, but it is perhaps even more noticeable within the prison system. Resistance occurs even though failing to provide hourly workers with break time and a private place to pump is often a violation of federal law.

When you invest in one lactation student from BreastfeedLA, you invest in a multiplier effect that has a profound impact on Los Angeles' most complex problems of discrimination, poverty, and violence. 
It only costs $495 to champion one student to complete our 45 hour lactation education specialist course and $990 to complete our 90 hour lactation consultant course. However, we greatly appreciate gifts of any amount—a single contribution holds the potential to ignite the power of a future lactation consultant and forever change our world! 
When she is strengthened, she advocates for herself and changes her community.
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