Need Breastfeeding Support? Who You Gonna Call?
It's 2:00 am, week 2 post delivery, and you are up breastfeeding again. You think- "How long is this going to last?" "Will I ever get a good night's sleep again?" "Someone please tell me this is normal and I am going to be Ok!"
Who are you going to call?
Can Facebook help meet the needs of Breastfeeding Women?
Many IBCLCs might cringe at the thought. But the truth is that many women are already using Facebook for Peer Support, and according to PewResearch, Facebook is where our clients hang out. 7 of 10 adults use Facebook for news and information, and 7 in 10 of those are on Facebook every day. 3/4 of all women use Facebook! If we want to meet our clients where they are, Facebook starts to look pretty good! Our job is to make sure our Facebook pages include evidence based information and links to local resources.
"In addition to providing support for breastfeeding mothers, the use of social media may also influence breastfeeding attitudes, breastfeeding norms and self efficacy for breastfeeding. One study found that exposure to informational messages on breastfeeding pages on Facebook led to pro-breastfeeding attitudes."
Help inspire another Mom with your Breastfeeding Story!
This year Sonoma County Maternal Child and Adolescent Health will be Celebrating
this August by posting your Breastfeeding Stories on our Facebook Page
all month long!

Please email your story by August 1st
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Check out the PicsArt app to make your photo into a work of breastfeeding art.
For Facebook Breastfeeding Support check out:

La Leche League International members only Breastfeeding Support Group on Facebook in English and Spanish (49,000 members)

Milky Mamas members only Breastfeeding Support Group on Facebook
(121,000 members)
June 27 is International Day to Normalize Breastfeeding
Thanks to Vanessa Simmons, creator of the Group Normalize Breastfeeding.
Her Blog and Group are accessed by thousands of women.
Nearly 126,000 people follow her Facebook page.
Have an Amazing Week!

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