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"The Clean Air and Healthy Lungs Leaders"
Volume 90
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Buy flowers for Valentine's Day and benefit Breathe California

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  Have flowers delivered to that special someone, and 12% of the purchase price will come back to Breathe California.  Learn more, and see a wide variety of styles and arrangements at the link below.

  January 2016
25th Annual Bike 4 Breath, July 9, Atherton, CA
In 2016 we celebrate the silver anniversary of our popular cycling event Bike 4 Breath.  Ride one day and make a difference for a lifetime.

Registration is open now, so sign up today.  Learn more at the link below.

Smoke-free outdoor dining in Sunnyvale
It you are a Sunnyvale resident, you should know that  the Sunnyvale City Council is considering an ordinance to limit smoking in outdoor dining spaces within the city limits.  On February 9 the council will be discussing this issue and seeking community input.

We encourage Sunnyvale residents to attend the February 9 council meeting at 7pm and speak on behalf of smoke-free dining and multi-unit housing.  The council chambers are at 456 Olive Ave., Sunnyvale, CA.  Learn more at the link below.

Victor Chavez Gardening & Landscaping Services
Now, you can take care of all your outdoor yard needs while supporting Breathe California! Victor Chavez, a San Jose gardener and landscaping contractor whose 3 children have been regular attendees of our "Camp Superstuff" asthma camp, is generously donating services to help support Breathe California and its programs.

Learn more about Chavez Gardening & Landscaping
Healthy Worksite Award Program
Breathe California is partnering with the Santa Clara County Public Health Department  to encourage local organizations to promote a healthier work environment for their employees, clients, and the community.

To learn how your organization or company can become a healthier work site,
visit the links below Get the healthy recognition your organization deserves!  

Breathe California of the Bay Area | (408) 998-5865 | 1469 Park Ave.
San Jose, CA 95126