In this September issue of The Breather, we've got tons of exciting information to share with everyone. The last quarter of the year is looking to be an exciting one and we hope that amongst the list of upcoming events,  you will find one that will pique your interest. 

Studio News!
  • We say goodbye to Moran who will be joining her husband in Hong Kong at the end of September. We wish her all the best and we will miss her graceful ways and exotic accent. The rest of the team at Breathe will be taking over her existing classes and we hope you will all continue to support us as we make the transition.    
  • In an effort to streamline our operations and to make it easier for you to book your classes, you are now able to book and modify your private appointments online as well! Do let us know if you encounter any problems with your appointment and we will be glad to help. We have also hired new receptionists to help us out at both Novena and East Coast so do say hi when you see them around!
  • Many congratulations to Thicha and Dmitry who tied the knot on the 31st of August in a beautiful wedding in Bangkok. You two are a truly lovely couple. 


XXX Men's Pilates



Over our years of instruction, we have found that men and women have very different strengths and weaknesses. XXX Men's Pilates came about to address the specific needs that male clients encounter and is a is a male only group class that moves at a faster pace - giving a full-body workout with a focus on mobility and flexibility, as well as developing a strong, injury-resistant core. 


Men's Pilates will be held on Saturday 11am at Novena and Thursday 830pm at East Coast. Do spread the word to your male friends who have always been curious but intimidated by the gender ratio, there is no excuse now!



Fat Blast 

Many of you have joined us hoping that we are able to kickstart your weight loss. After review with a number of experts, we are glad to introduce our special Fat Blast package that will definitely help you along on the path to good health. We believe in a holistic management towards our health and as most of you would know, weight loss is 70% diet and 30% exercise. 


Working together with Bibi Chia, head dietitian at Compass Medical group, our Fat Blast package, priced at $1200, consist of 3 sessions with Bibi, 5 private and 5 group Pilates sessions. Bibi will customise a diet plan specifically for your needs as well as educate and guide you about nutrition and the interpretation of food labels. As for the exercise bit, the private sessions will allow us to identify your weak and under utilised muscle groups and educate you on how to use them correctly, after which you will then join the Fat Blast group classes which will be faster paced and more cardiovascular. 


We are also able to tailor make packages for those who require a little more or less. Speak to us for more information. 



STOTT Pilates workshops


We are proud to be a STOTT host centre and in the upcoming months, we will be organising various STOTT Pilates workshops as well as teacher training. The workshops are not just for existing instructors who want to specialise, but are also a great opportunity for existing Pilates practitioners who want to intensify their workout. 


The upcoming dates for our workshops and teacher training can be found here. Our next workshop, athletic conditioning on the reformer will be on the 13th of October 2013, 3pm at our Novena studio. Approach any of the instructors or our friendly receptionists if you would like to find out more! 


P.S. As a host centre, we will also be conducting exams, reviews, observation and self-practice packages for all STOTT students. Ask us for more details! 



Back Pain and Pilates Talk


Pilates is often recommended as treatment for back pain. Together with PhysioAsia, we will be conducting a talk on the pathogenesis of back pain and different treatment modalities. There will also be a demonstration, with the Realtime ultrasound and Achievo Core Stability trainer, on how Pilates can help back pain. 


PhysioAsia has researched and came up with SCORES, a core stabilization programme for back pain, which involves activating the deep lumbar and abdominal muscles. The use of Realtime ultrasound and Achievo Core Stability trainer, which is unique to SCORES, is highly effective in recruiting activation of these muscles. This breakthrough approach allows the therapist as well as the patient to see the actual muscles in action and is used as an assessment and training tool to activate the muscles correctly and enables one to learn the correct pattern of muscle action in relation to other muscles.


Suitable for both medical, allied health practitioners and the general public, this is a great talk for those who work with back pain patients as well as for individuals who suffer from back pain themselves. 


We are still finalising the details for the talk but it is tentatively to be held on end October at Novena Specialist Centre (right across the road from us). We will share more details when we have them but do look out for it! 





We can't thank you enough for your support so as a small gesture to our loyal clients, we would like to show our appreciation by giving 10% off your next purchase upon completion of every 50 sessions. 


We also know that a lot of you have been introducing your friends to us and to thank you for helping us grow our family of Breathers, we will be giving you 10% off private packages or 5% off group packages when you recommend a friend. 



30 Day Challenge


As the Challenge draws to a close, we congratulate all our participants who have been so committed. They are truly an inspiration to all of us and we hope you guys have benefitted tremendously from this and achieved your goals that you have laid out prior to the challenge. 


We thank you for being such a great and fun bunch and for making our first challenge such a huge success. We will miss seeing you every single day! 



Exercise of the month



Clam will help you build the strength and flexibility you need in more difficult side-lying exercises. Try doing clams before balancing on one leg, you will be surprised at how stable you are!

  1. Lie on your side with your hips and shoulders in a straight line.
    Bend your knees so that your thighs are at a 90 degree angle to your body.  
  2. Rest your head on your top arm as it is stretched out overhead, or bent, whichever is more comfortable. 
    Make sure you neck is long so that your head is not tipped back or tucked forward.  
  3. Bend your top arm and place your hand on the floor in front of your chest for extra stability.  
  4. Stack your hips directly on top of each other vertically. Do the same with your shoulders. Use your deep abdominal muscles to keep this alignment throughout the exercise.  
  5. Keep your big toes together as you slowly rotate your leg in the hip socket so that the top knee opens. Open the knee only as far as you can go without disturbing the alignment of your hips.  
  6. Slowly bring your knee back to the start position


Complete 5-8 repetitions on both sides




Wishing you well,

Deborah, Dennis and the Breathe Pilates Team