Art saves lives. We are movement artists here to embody the pain, rage, anger, love, joy, compassion, grief. We are here to gather and collaborate. We are here to listen and activate.  

We have been breathing with the collective in this moment of uncertainty, rage, and grief. During our time of closure due to Covid-19, we are present with the rising collective awareness of unrest and injustice that has awakened us to reflect deeply on how we are responding and moving forward as a business and yoga community in this changing world.  

We are being called to recalibrate and upgrade our mission and service to our community.  

As part of our personal inner work, we are continuing to unravel our own privilege and unconscious conditioning. We accept our responsibility to examine all systems that support oppression, separation, and inequality. We are listening and educating ourselves and we stand firm in our commitment to this process.  Words have power. Our actions are more powerful. 

As Susanna Barkataki says, "Satya in yoga is not just about telling the truth and not lying. Satya in this moment may not be about you - it may be about getting outside of the I-making machine that most of us project onto the world. Once liberated from this, the force that is generated from committing to the Truth is incredibly powerful, Black Lives Matter is a truth no one should have to say and yet everyone needs to utter. Until everyone says this statement with conviction, none of us can live in the truth of our shared humanity."  

We are contributing to rebirthing a world that is antiracist, a world that is full of possibility beyond limited thinking. We choose to be active in the dismantling of a system that no longer serves our world, our humanity, our Earth. We are no longer playing small. We are aware that we have access to resources, and we desire to share these resources with our community.  We also commit to teaching and practicing discernment and working with the practices of Yoga to help us all respond with more clarity, direction, and focus. 

The current injustices, uprising, and riots have illuminated our nation's collective shadow of systemic racism, prejudice, and oppression. As Resmva Menakem says, "We can't help ourselves begin to heal racialized trauma until we acknowledge that it even exists."  

We recognize that this is an uncomfortable time for many of you. We recognize that you will likely become more uncomfortable in the dismantling. Now more than ever, it is important to practice sitting and feeling your emotions that embody the vastness and complexity of human life. We are here to listen to you. We are here to bear witness to your process. We commit to sitting with you in this discomfort and vulnerability with fierce love and compassion. When you are ready, allow your discomfort to move you into action. 

We acknowledge that we are all being called in different ways. How are you being called? Are you activated enough to fundraise, to learn about the laws supporting racial injustice, to engage in the political process? These are the inquiries we are exploring together.  

We ask you to examine, are you an actor, an ally, or an accomplice?  See attached resource.  Actor, Ally or Accomplice

More to come...

Yoga Sutra 1:1 Atha Yoga Anushasanam 
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