We Offer You an Exit from the Stress, Which Seems to Be Quite Present These Days!: 
Retail Therapy, Diving Into Holiday Gift Foraging, and Just a Good
Bath in Beauty and Joy. 

      Solar Lanterns,
before and after catching the sun's rays.
Practical + magical! They are made of Tyvek and
so are very weatherproof. And at night (if they
are in a completely dark setting), they glow.
(These night time pics don't do them justice.)
$34 and $44

German Silver + Turquoise Box and one of
Luana's Framed Collage Prints.
Luana's prints are always available in a few sizes and unframed. But if you ever want to get one already
custom-framed and ready to slap on the wall, we
certainly have some of those, too.
$88 for the box, $565 for this large, framed print of Branded
Luxurious and Heavenly-Scented Hand Creams
As we approach the winter season and the need for soothing hand creams, we are so happy to offer these. The 3 scents are Palo Santo, Honey Almond, and Jasmine. Nice, pure ingredients and they really settle into the skin, without a heavy residue.
$14 each.

Quail Egg Necklaces

Quail Egg Necklaces (or hangings)
A charming nod to nature and her wonders. These real quail eggs have been filled with resin and little somethings (dandelion fluff, branches, or faux/miniature nests of eggs)
$32 each. (We have optional chains available for $2, for wearing....also free little hooks, for hanging decor.)

Bless You Vintage Hankies
These charming vintage hankies have been given new life with a freshly-embroidered BLESS YOU
$22 each
(We also have some exquisite, black linen, mourning hankies. They have some uplifting words printed on them and they come with an envelope. These are $24 each)

Pyramid Linen Sachets

Pyramid Linen Sachets
These are handmade and stuffed with lavender. A beautiful and aromatic addition to your closet.

Pyramid Linen Sachets

Earrings and Hairsticks
A picture is worth a thousand words. Just fabulous.
Earrings: $46, Hairsticks: $32 each
fragment of Scrapbook 
c2020 Luana Kaufmann
One of Many Archival Pigment Prints of 
Luana's Cut-Paper Collages 
If You'd Like to See the Full, Ample
Array of Luana's Collage Prints,
Please Peruse (on a Device Bigger than a Phone) 
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Aren't Convenient for You)

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A Little Navigation Tip: If You're Driving, You'll Need to Use Ann Street or Wolfe Street to Visit Us. (Thames Street is Becoming One Way Westbound, Which Means You Will Not Be Able to Turn Left from Broadway.)

Warm regards, 
Purveyor of Fine Goods
Collagist of Found Imagery