Two types of breathing that can change your life... the first allows you to calm and nurture yourself throughout the day in dealing with the challenges of everyday existence.

Breathing with an Energetic Grounded male
Breathing with an Energetic Grounded Male
Breathing with an 
 Energetic Grounded Male
Jim Morningstar,PhD. demonstrates breathwork with a man with an Energetic Grounded Body Theme. The fear based response of the EG theme is to be competitive and do it all perfectly, but not to surrender to loving feelings. The EG male especially needs strong stimulation to feel and often engages in high risk activities to feel alive. He is able to soften his defenses, engage in more relaxed breathing, open to vulnerable feelings, and envision himself using his breathing and visualization when anxiety builds in the future. This helps release his fear base and integrate the strengths of being both successful in the world and able to surrender to a long  term  loving relationship. For a 90 minute training video on Therapeutic Breathwork and Body Themes and for information on breathwork training click below.

And so she took the patches of her life...
and sewed them together to make Wings. We often cannot make sense of the seemingly hodgepodge collection of experiences out of which our day muchness our life is made. It is like being lost in the woods and trying to get directions from every tree. It is not until we can rise above the forest and see a bigger picture that our path becomes clearer. This is the purpose of a daily spiritual practice: to give us wings to find our way. - jm
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