When bound with fear, those with the Inspirational Leader theme can be dominating and/or seductive.
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Breathwork in Water: coming alive...
Breathwork in Water
In this 3 minute video, Jim Morningstar, PhD, gives a demonstration of breathwork in water.  The water tends to increase both the feeling of complete support and sensate intensity often helping the breather to rewrite their fear based birth conclusions. In this brief clip, the breather uses the water to increase safety being in her body, comfort with strong expression and pleasurable connection with others.
See below for the full 90 minute video .
The power of breath is the power of life... 
We breathe life into what we think about most. This is notcomplicated, but it is not easy for most of us. We become attached to thoughts that are generated by fear and can be challenging to dislodge from our attention. This is best accomplished by training our mind (like a dog) with simplecommands practiced every day like: "I breathe it all in" on the inhale and "I love it all out" on the exhale. Take charge of your life.
An introduction to healing lifelong holding patterns.
Intro to Breathwork and Body Themes Video
Intro to Breathwork and Body Themes Video
This 5 minute video is an Introduction to the Breathwork and Body Themes Training Video by Jim Morningstar, Phd., Director of the Transformations Breathwork Training Program. Jim demonstrates the use of release and integrating techniques with clients portraying six major body themes during a therapeutic breathwork session. The full 90 minute video explains the neuroscience and developmental formation of these themes during the first six years of life as well as shows examples of how therapeutic breathwork can assist healing and integration. It is an invaluable asset to assisting change in lifelong holding patterns - available now for $17.