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Over 60 Stallions Available Fresh
Sea Lion Offers 90% Conception Rate on 1st Breeding
Foundation Sires: Florestan, Wolkentanz I, FF Jazz, Indoctro
Featuring Quidam Blue
N.A. Stallion Sport Test Canceled for 2020
Introducing Pax Asgard of Pegasus
July Issue of World Breeding News
Three Featured Stallions
Do Horses Recognize Human Faces?
Over 60 Stallions Available Fresh

Did you know our search feature allows you to search by how each stallion's semen is available? Go to Stallion Search and click the Advanced Options box. You'll get a Stallion Gallery presentation (showing bloodlines) of all the options.

If your mare is open towards the end of the season, and you need fresh options, this is a great way to find all the choices on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com - over 60 stallions available fresh to choose from.
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Sea Lion Offers 90% Conception Rate on First Breeding
Sea Lion could be the perfect choice for your mare! He is available fresh and frozen, and his excellent motility has given him a 90% conception rate on first breeding. Live Foal Guarantee. Sea Lion is a versatile Thoroughbred stallion approved by most major warmblood registries. He competed at the highest levels of eventing, including at the Rolex 4* (now 5*), and retired sound to compete in Hunters and Jumpers. We are featuring a handful of Sea Lion's offspring.

Foundation Fridays
Recent Foundation Sires Featured on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com
We've been posting Foundation Fridays on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com since 2018. Every other Friday we feature a foundation sire - one who has been influential in the development of warmblood breeds. We're pulling from the incredible archive of The Horse Magazine , published by Chris Hector of Australia. Thank you, Chris, for permission to draw on your expertise!

In each of these articles, we introduce a Foundation Sire, and we also include links to stallions with his bloodlines who are on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com .

Click on the following links to read about our most recent Foundation Sires or their stallion descendants:
a few of his stallion descendants in North America:

a few of his stallion descendants in North America:

FF Jazz (shown)
a few of his stallion descendants in North America:

a few of his stallion descendants in North America:

Enjoy this look into past sires whose influence extends to the US through their sons and grandsons!
Featuring Quidam Blue
“Quidam Blue is a gem to have in the stable - a beautiful athlete that loves his work and his people.”

He is also an international Grand Prix jumper, licensed and approved by the German Hanoverian Verband - and he is available with fresh and frozen semen.

Quidam Blue's offspring are starting to win in Eventing and Hunter/Jumper, as well as being recognized at multiple breed registry inspections.

For more details, photos and videos of Quidam Blue, and photos of some of his offspring, please  click here.

To contact Equitop Farm about breeding your mare to Quidam Blue,  click here .

Photo Credit: Cansport
Event News
North American Stallion Sport Test Canceled for 2020
"The organizing committee for the 2020 North American Stallion Sport Test (NASST) regrettably shares their decision to cancel the 2020 tests that were scheduled for October 26-28 in Colora, Maryland and October 30-Nov 1 in Solvang, California. ..."

Warmblood Stallions of North America has been a media partner at the Stallion Sport Test for the past couple of years. This is the most sensible decision, but we will miss the chance to see the young, up-and-coming stallions over three days at each location. Shown is Anna at the California site in 2019.
Photo Credit: Patty Wilding
Introducing Pax Asgard af Pegasus
Knabstrupper: Spots with talent!

We'd like to introduce you to Pax Asgard af Pegasus , a Knabstrupper stallion 100% genetically guaranteed to produce a Leopard when bred to a solid mare.

Pax is a young, up-and-coming licensed Knabstrupper who fits the warmblood type perfectly. He is nearly 16.3, and well-balanced in his frame, with long legs, and short back and croup. He has a long, sloping shoulder and fantastic movement.

Shown is his 1st foal - Phoenix Fantasy MHF.
 Photo Credit: ES Equine Photography

To learn more about Pax Asgard af Pegasus, click here .
Publication for Breeders
July Issue of World Breeding News
The World Breeding News for Sport Horses  is an excellent publication if you want to keep track of what's happening in global news in breeding. It's also the official magazine of the World Breeders Federation for Sport Horses.

Is the July edition is worth reading? We vote yes! For a synopsis of content, click here .
Three Featured Stallions on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com!

Sire and Damsire of Internationally Recognized Dressage Horses

Davignon I x Caprimond

Click here to read more about Dacaprio .
Shine (Alesi)

The Ultimate Hunter Stallion

Akzent II x Lachs

Read more about Shine - click here .

Fresh pedigree, modern type, top potential for sport

Franziskus x Espri

New Study
Do Horses Recognize Human Faces?
Does your horse recognize your face? It's hard to know for sure. You know your horse recognizes you, but it could be your smell, your body language, or other factors.

Scientists have put it to the test and shown that yes, horses do recognize familiar faces. And there's more. They can recognize your face on a computer screen!

Anna Goebel
Warmblood Stallions of North America

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