Purebred or Preservation Breeder
Mentoring Matters
Are you an experienced Newf owner passionate about the Breed?

Have you considered becoming involved in breeding Newfs, but want more information and education about what is involved?
Would you like to connect with an NCA Breeder Mentor to get this information and mentoring on breeding?

The NCA Breeders Education Committee wants to help you do this! You do not need to be an NCA member to request information or mentoring. If you are attending the upcoming National Specialty, please look for breeder mentors - they'll have yellow Breeder Education stickers on their name tag, and they'll be happy to talk to you!

Continuing Education

Embark Canine Health Summit -- April 27 & 28

Discover the latest insights, best practices, and knowledge from leading experts in the fields of genetics, veterinary medicine, and dog breeding via panel discussions and dynamic presentations. The Embark Canine Health Summit’s mission is to engage leaders from across the canine community to join in providing an educational and informative platform to:
  • Bridge the gap between canine genetics research and purpose-bred dog breeding
  • Elevate collaboration between breeders, veterinarians, canine behaviorists, genetics experts, and scientists who are all on the same journey to improve the health and lifespan of dogs

Nutrition Recommendations in Breeding Dogs -- Podcast

Dr. Marty Greer and Sheryl Bradbury, owned brands manager at Revival Animal Health, join Host Laura Reeves for a discussion about micronutrients and supplements for breeding dogs.
“One of the concepts that we need to discuss is that there’s a likelihood that some of the commercial diets are not as nutritionally complete as they need to be for all stages of the dog’s life and that includes reproduction,” Greer said.

Bloat Magnets
Great additions to your puppy packets, these 5" x4" bloat magnets have been produced by the NCA Health & Longevity Committee. $1 each for NCA members, $2 for non-members.

Breeder Education Seminar

A special workshop presented by
Pat Hastings is well respected in the dog-world as an educator, author and AKC judge. Well known for her Puppy Puzzle DVD, she evaluates the structural quality of over 250 litters per year. Based on her popular STRUCTURE IN ACTION seminar, this is a glimpse of what it takes to have the very best dog possible for whatever you would like to do with it. This is a journey into structure and the pertinence to action. Anyone who owns and works with dogs needs to consider the dogs’ structure when examining the job of the dog. It does not matter if it is going to spend its life on your couch, be in your breeding program, in the show ring, weaving poles, pulling a cart, it needs to be the best it can be.
*The basics of canine structure
*What leads to damage and injuries in your dog
*How to read and listen to your dog

There is still time to RSVP if you would like to attend. Please let us know if you can join us for the FREE seminar.
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Prior to going into labor, what can you expect to see in a bitch's temperature
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Puppy Senses: When Can a Puppy See, Smell, and Hear?

How did you do on our quiz in the last issue? 75% of our readers answered correctly that smell, taste, sight and hearing were the order that senses develop in neonatal puppies.

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The NCA Health and Longevity Committee will be saluting all of the CHIC Newfoundland's at this year's National Specialty. Be sure to check out the display of over 1000 CHIC Newfs!
Recommended Reading

Canine Reproduction and Whelping brings together information that will be invaluable to today’s dog breeders because it helps to fill in the gaps in knowledge of even the most experienced breeder. Learn how facts about human reproduction, conception and birth get unknowingly mixed up with the very different canine side of things. Then learn how to use this information to have more successful breedings and healthier pups. Author Myra Harris combines her years of experience as a labor and delivery nurse with her passion for breeding dogs to give you practical and unusual information.

Studies Enrolling Participants

Atopic Dermatitis and Superficial Pyoderma in Dogs

Purdue University

Dogs with superficial pyoderma or clinically confirmed atopic dermatitis are needed for clinical studies into skin lipids and a novel antimicrobial treatment. If you would like additional information regarding a clinical trial, please contact:

Phone: (765) 496-9715

Puppy Referral System

The NCA has a Puppy Referral System. This program allows any NCA member to list a planned litter, puppies available or an adult needing placement. Listings are now available to all NCA members. If you have questions or suggestions about the program, please let us know.