Judging The Newfoundland It Is All About The Balance

Judging The Newfoundland It Is All About The Balance | The Newfoundland is a swimmer, a hauler, and a gentle companion. The Breed Standard is built around these traits. Type comprises those physical characteristics that distinguish the...

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Continuing Education

Webinar- DNA Testing

From the Golden Retriever Club of America Breeder Education Committee - Breeders are being bombarded by 'for profit' genetics companies suggesting ordering panels of tests. And some breeders actually think if their dog comes back as clear, they have their clearances. In this video, Ann Hubbs of the GRCA Health & Genetics Committee explains the differences between clearances and DNA tests and helps you make decisions about what to do for your breeding program.

The Secrecy of Defects In Dogs 
George A. Padgett, DVM 
Professor in the Department of Pathology, College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University

The first and major hindrance to recognizing the significance and cost of genetic disease is that most breeders believe that the MAJORITY OF DOGS ARE GENETICALLY NORMAL. This is not the case at all. Aside from what is likely to be the case, if you believe most dogs are genetically normal and you find out your dog carries a defect, whether it's cataracts or something else, you do not want to talk about it because you believe your dog is different (less worthwhile) than MOST dogs. The average for genetic defects in any breed is about 14.

Growth Plate Infographic
Great addition to your puppy packets, download this infographic discussing the timeline for growth plate closure in Newfoundlands and how that impacts activities and exercise. Each page setup to cut into 3, print single-sided in color.

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Whelping Timeline

Is my girl in heat? Watch video here. Learn how to spot dog heat symptoms. Heat begins at the first stage of the canine estrus cycle, called proestrus. Whelping Day: -75: Female Proestus Begins When Proestus begins, bleeding discharge starts....

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Upcoming Event
The NCA Breeders Education committee will be holding a web forum for NCA Breeders, Newf Ambassadors, and all NCA members who wish to participate in a discussion on the ongoing problem of too few puppies available from responsible breeders and too many people seeking a Newf puppy and the issues this is causing for the NCA, NCA Breeders and Newf Ambassadors. 

Details will be announced as they become available.  
The NCA Health and Longevity Committee salutes every breeder who completes all the required testing for their breeding stock to earn a CHIC designation (Hip, elbows, heart and cystinuria) 16 Newfoundlands have earned this designation since our last issue.
Recommended Reading

Did you attend the Breeder Education Seminar at this year's National Specialty? Here's your chance to get Pat Hasting's book about Structure and how our breeding decisions can impact that in the dogs we produce. Couldn't make the seminar this year? Find out what you missed by reading this great resource.

Studies Enrolling Participants

Genotypic Dissection of Non-Contact Cruciate Rupture in Dogs

University of Wisconsin
(local dogs only)

Follow-up to study developing genetic testing for cranial cruciate ligament rupture in Labradors, initially recruiting local candidates, under review by CTMB for expanded support.

Puppy Referral System

The NCA has a Puppy Referral System. This program allows any NCA member to list a planned litter, puppies available or an adult needing placement. Listings are now available to all NCA members. If you have questions or suggestions about the program, please let us know.