NCA Breeder Mentor Thoughts

Elizabeth Loring Power (Waseeka) invested much of her work promoting the Newfoundland breed in interesting new, worthwhile fanciers in the breed. She carried her effort through to a practical extent by seeing that newcomers were started off with stock of a quality high enough to insure success. It is reported that nothing made Mrs. Power happier than to be beaten by new fanciers with dogs in whose breeding she had a hand. 

As preservation breeders, do we consider placing a pick pup with a new or upcoming owner who wants to show and may want to breed someday or are we keeping the cream of the crop in out own backyards? If those interested in being the next generation breeders of the future cannot get breedable stock (healthy, typey, sound) from a preservation breeder do they give up or just get a lesser quality dog from somewhere else? What does that do for the breed as a whole?

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The Canine Heart
As breeders, it is important for each of us to be aware of the cardiac issues that affect our breed, how they are screened for, and what the veterinary findings mean.

Canine Health Summit
February 15-16

Discover the latest insights and best practices from leading experts in the fields of veterinary medicine, dog breeding, and more via panel discussions and dynamic presentations

  • Population management and diversity
  • Canine genetics research
  • A breeder's perspective on canine health

Current Studies Looking for Participant Samples

SAS (Sub-aortic Stenosis) - litter discount available. Study through North Carolina State

CRHL (Congenital Radial Head Luxation) - trios needed. Study through Michigan State

CHD (Congenital Hip Dysplasia) Biomarker study. Puppies needed to submit blood and urine samples at 4 months old with follow-up x-rays. Study through University of Missouri/OFA
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Continuing Education

How Nutrition Influences Reproduction discusses strategies for feeding based on the current status of your dog - is she a breeding or lactating bitch? It also reviews the impacts of nutrition on fertility, the brood bitch and her puppies.

Newf Conversations

One of the features on the new Breeder Resource site is a series of conversations discussing various aspects of the breed. Check out this video by Steve and Dejah Petsch discussing puppy evaluations and making placement decisions.

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What is the optimum progesterone level to do an Artificial insemination?
0.5 ng/ ml (1.6 nmol/L)
2.0 ng/ml (6.4 nmol/L)
5.0 ng/ ml (15.9 nmol/L)
12.0 ng/ ml (38.2 nmol/L)
Timing Gestation
Following up to our quiz in the last issue - here is a great resources on timing of breeding and pregnancy based on progesterone levels.