NCA Breeder Mentor Program

The NCA Breeder Mentor Program is intended to provide breeders of any experience level with mentors who can assist in helping them to better understand Newfoundland dog best breeding practices, improve their breeding program, and ultimately strengthen the Newfoundland breed. Each member of the NCA Breeder Mentor Program has met requirements that demonstrate their knowledge and commitment to the breed and the entirety of dedicated NCA breeders.

The nature of the mentor-mentee relationship is highly variable, and differs across different partnerships and over time. Some people establish a highly-formalized agreement, while others have less formal interactions. In seeking to develop a relationship with a NCA Breeder Mentor, it may be helpful to develop a short list of a few talking points that you would like specific guidance on, and to communicate these to your intended mentor. It may also be helpful to clearly indicate that you are contacting the person as a potential mentor, and to ask them what their preferred modes of mentoring communication will be (phone, email, in-person, etc.).