Wolf Haven International
3111 Offut Lake Rd. SE Tenino, Washington 98589
Closed Feb 15-Mar 15
Wolf Haven is closed for sanctuary visits from February 15 - March 15. 
We will reopen on Saturday, March 18.
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When Ladyhawk and Klondike passed away, their mates were left alone. Now, Caedus & Shali share an enclosure and get along beautifully! In this video, they join the other 50+ residents for a group howl.

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Female red wolf F1945 is recommended for breeding

Wolf Haven closed Feb 15 - Mar 15 due to breeding season (see article below).
World of Wolves
February 1, 2017
Breeding recommendations for critically endangered wolves: We have two pair of wolves recommended for breeding this year! Although at Wolf Haven we NEVER breed our rescued sanctuary wolves, we partner in two different federally managed wolf Species Survival Plan programs for the 1) Mexican gray wolf and 2) red wolf. Due to the extremely low numbers of these species that survived complete extirpation, they are now actively bred and managed in captivity. A wild population is maintained as well.

Recommended for breeding this spring are Mexican wolves F1422 and M1360, and red wolves F1945 and M1482. Wolf Haven will close the sanctuary completely (except for animal care staff) from February 15 - March 15 to provide some privacy.

Last year, a litter of red wolf pups were born to this same red wolf pair (in-house names Nash and Tala), and in 2015, three litters of Mexican wolves were born here!

Red wolf program               Mexican wolf program

Help us to continue to be a part of these programs.

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Wolf Haven_ Sanctuary and the Future of Wolves in North America
Wolf Haven: Sanctuary and the 
Future of Wolves in North America
Gypsy and Diablo
Mexican wolves Gypsy & Diablo

Valentine's Day Special

Something special for your loved one? Enjoy stunning wolf photographs from two talented Washington-based photographers: Annie Musselman and Julie Lawrence. For $30* you can have the coffee table book Wolf Haven: Sanctuary and the Future of Wolves in North America AND a Wolf Haven wall or desktop calendar.

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Bilingual Conservation

Eco-logica is the first and only bilingual magazine about sustainability education  in the Seattle area. Published twice a year,  articles are in both Spanish and English. The focus is on living and doing business in a more sustainable manner. The magazine is available for free to the community, in both print and electronic versions. Below is an article by a Wolf Haven Mexican wolf specialist/animal care staff person.