Breezy Hill Update
29 July 2019

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GCA Board of Directors
Glenmore Tank and Pump Station Cut Over
Associa passed a resident's question to the County Service Authority regarding warmer tap water and a chlorine taste in the water during the Glenmore Ground Storage Tank cut-over. Here was the response ...

"Thanks for your email concerning the water in Glenmore. There’s a good chance residents are experiencing these issues of warmer tap water and a stronger level of chlorine due to the construction of the new Glenmore Ground Storage Tank. During our initial tank filling, the ACSA is required to add chlorine to the tank for an initial disinfection. Following successful bacteriological testing, the water from the tank can then be introduced into the distribution system. As we continue to operate the new tank, chlorine levels should trend back down to previous levels and the stronger chlorine smell and taste will dissipate. The warmer water temperatures are likely contributed to both the very high outdoor temperatures the area has been experiencing over the past few weeks and the construction of the new tank. Our area’s water supply is comprised of surface water stored in reservoirs, so the water that is being introduced into the water treatment process is already warm due to ambient temperatures. As the treated water travels out to Glenmore, it doesn’t have much of an opportunity to cool down. The water is then temporarily stored in the tank and has an opportunity to warm up. 

Let me know if you have any additional questions. We intend to go fully live with the new tank and pump station on Monday, July 29th."
 Jeremy M. Lynn, P.E.
Senior Civil Engineer
Albemarle County Service Authority
168 Spotnap Road
Charlottesville, Virginia 22911
(434) 977-4511

If you have any issues with the full cut-over to the new Glenmore Tank and Pump Station, send your questions or issues to with the subject line, "Water Cut-over Issues".
Breezy Hill Planning Commission Meeting 30 Jul
The Breezy Hill Planning Commission meeting is tomorrow evening at 6 PM. After our last meeting, we've heard that the 2010 Master Plan does NOT obligate the county to follow the approved Master Plan when making rezoning decisions. Rather, it is guidance that can be ignored. Here is what the Master plan states regarding transportation improvements on US 250 ...

• Implementation – Transportation (Master Plan p. 43):
“Addressing traffic issues on US 250 is the highest priority for the Village of Rivanna. Several regional projects identified in the next few pages are necessary to address future growth in a larger area, but also affect the Village of Rivanna. It is essential that all of the US 250 improvements be constructed before new development occurs in the Village.

Please take a look at the agenda for the Breezy Hill Planning Commission meeting (click HERE). The staff report (you can click on it from the agenda) seems mildly positive toward the rezoning application, noting that road improvements suggested in the past may not be feasible. 

It appears that the County may not feel compelled to abide by the Master plan. Therefore, it is important that residents attend all open Albemarle County government sessions where the Breezy Hill rezoning is being considered to ensure our voices are heard ... we need a good crowd. 

The Albemarle County Planning Commission Session is on 30 July from 6-8 PM at the County Office Building, Lane Auditorium, at 401 McIntire Rd (on the corner of McIntire and Preston Avenues). There are no other AC Planning Commission meetings regarding the Breezy Hill rezoning scheduled in August.
Horse Rider
Equestrian Center Fence Report
We have been told that the fences and the barn were built in the late ‘70s or early ‘80s. The fence posts and boards are white oak. The posts were treated extensively with creosote before they went in the ground 30-40 years ago; this kind of treatment is no longer legal. Many of the fence posts and boards have been replaced over the years.
In 2018, Cadeaux proposed that a major fence repair project should be undertaken over the succeeding five years. The top priority was, and still is, the five fields between the lower ring and Glenmore Way. In 2018 Beaver Dam Fence proposed repair and patching of the posts and boards in those five fields for $12,500. When negotiations for a new lease failed, this work was not done. Beaver Dam Fence has since gone out of business.

In 2019 Cadeaux announced its intention to leave at the end of May 2019, so fence work was postponed until a determination could be made as to the future use of the land. Cadeaux did not leave at the end of May and in June stated the intent to stay at least through the end of February 2020, and longer if a new lease can be negotiated.

In May Cadeaux requested that the GCA purchase a load of fence boards. The boards were delivered within 48 hours of the request. Under the terms of the lease, the GCA is required to provide the materials for the fences and Cadeaux is to undertake the work to repair and maintain the fences. Of the 90 boards that were delivered, about half have been used by Cadeaux to repair the fences to date.

At a meeting with Zach Parks on July 15, 2019, it was determined that the GCA would obtain three bids for a fence repair project. A GCA Committee member has met with two fence contractors and a third meeting is expected to be held this week or next week. When the meeting date with the third fence contractor is set, the Board and EC Committee will be invited to attend.

Regarding the recent horse escape, a horse went through the fence where there was a split fence post, and a board came loose in one of the five fields bordering Glenmore Way and Piper Way. The horse escaped during the night and there were no known witnesses. The horse was found grazing along Glenmore Way in the morning by a resident and was safely returned to the barn.

Susan Worden
Glenmore EC Committee Chair
July 29, 2019
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