Breezy Hill Update | 18 October 2020
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GCA Board of Directors
Halloween 2020
Unfortunately, with the advent of COVID-19, the GCA will not sponsor any Halloween events this year. Residents should make individual decisions whether to leave a light on at the front porch inviting trick or treaters or to keep the lights off.
Breezy Hill Application for Density Increase
Southern Development Homes has filed a revised application for rezoning the proposed Breezy Hill development located to the east of Glenmore on Route 250. The latest application calls for increasing density to four units per acre in violation of our original Master Plan which calls for one unit per acre. Albemarle County Planning staff is reviewing the revised application and is expected to issue a report soon followed by a Board of Supervisors hearing as early as November. We need to tell our Supervisors ( to abide by the Master Plan - fix US 250 before considering higher densities at Breezy Hill.

Near the end of the 2 September public hearing, the developer suddenly asked the Supervisors to defer their vote when it became clear that the 3 to 3 vote would deny their rezoning application. At the next hearing if only one of the probable "no" votes changes to yes, the rezoning application will be granted.

Glenmore and Running Deer residents have formed a committee to inform and energize residents in the affected communities. The committee will distribute 1000 flyers in the next few days. Their goal is for at least 200 residents to write emails ( in opposition to the increased density when the hearing date is announced. They are also looking for a minimum of 50 residents to speak against the rezoning at the November virtual hearing. This amount of community response will have a significant impact on our Supervisors.

The Committee formed a Facebook page (click here)  and a new Breezy Hill group on Nextdoor (click here). More detail about the Master Plan for our growth area and sample letters in opposition to the density increase are on the Facebook page.

Note: this morning picture on US 250 is a recent shot before the Breezy Hill development has even started.

Virtual GCA Board Meetings for November
The GCA Board of Directors is holding the Board meetings via GoToMeeting on 3 Nov from 5 to 7 PM and on 17 Nov from 7 to 9 PM. By joining the "virtual" meeting you can listen to the proceedings from start to finish. If the Board schedules an executive session, the general meeting will end and the Board will meet separately to discuss contract and/or legal issues. The agenda and Board packet are published on the Glenmore website ahead of the meetings, and the meeting minutes are also posted.

If you want to participate in the Board meeting, contact Tim Durrer at 434-984-0700 or click here for information regarding the GoToMeeting link.
Trevor Joscelyne

Bench and Plaque to honor Trevor Joscelyne has been installed
Glenmore lost one its most beloved leaders with Trevor's passing. The GCA and anonymous donors have purchased a bench and plaque in his memory. The Club at Glenmore assembled the bench and placed it on land that belongs to the Club overlooking the walking path on Piper Way at the intersection of Piper Way and Paddington Circle. When you pass by the bench, take a moment to remember Trevor and appreciate all he did for our community.

Trevor served six years as President of the GCA Board of Directors. He was President in 2009 when it was discovered that over $600,000 had been taken from the GCA accounts. Under his energetic leadership, our community recovered financially and has continued to grow and prosper. Trevor led the effort to purchase the 61 acre equestrian parcel in 2014. Without his determined leadership, instead of our 61 acres of green fields, the likely result would have been high density residential development for which we would have no control.

Trevor also served one year as the GCA Treasurer, on the Strategic Planning Committee and chaired the 2015 Reserve Study. He was a member of the Professional Management Review Team, the Security Committee and the Glenmore Farm Equestrian Board. In addition Trevor brought GCA operations to the Web, with on-line billing, voting and communications and was the go-to-guy for improving and maintaining the gatehouse vehicle and guest access system. He served as the de facto general manager and the GCA governance and operational historian, and finally he was President of the Scottish Homes Association.

Trevor will long be remembered for his integrity, his devotion to his family, friends and community, his kindness, and his energy and high spirits. Each and every resident of Glenmore should be grateful for our good fortune in having had Trevor as our leader and neighbor during critical years. Thank you Trevor, for giving us the Glenmore we have today.

The GCA Board of Directors
Increasing Role of our Management Company
In January 2018 the GCA entered into a three year contract with Associa - Community Group Inc. to provide accounting and consulting services. Click here to see the contract.

In March 2020 the GCA Board authorized Associa to hire a full time employee, Megan Burch, to work exclusively for the GCA. Tim Durrer and Thelma Washington continue to provide financial services for Glenmore as well as other communities.

Megan provides a monthly task list which will be attached to the Board meeting minutes. Some of her recent activities include meetings with residents for removal of dead trees, obtaining bids and overseeing maintenance and repair work including the Glen Lochen bridge, the safety sidewalks, the new roof at the upper run-in shed at the Equestrian Center, the annual repair and painting of the Equestrian Center fences, repairs to the stalls in the barn, and she orders new road and street signage. In addition Megan attends the virtual Board of Directors meetings and prepares the minutes. Megan has become our go-to person for writing contract requirements, meeting with contractors, making purchases, and ensuring the contractors deliver quality products and services.

This is all work that has previously been done by volunteers but at a slower pace. Megan now manages multiple and simultaneous contracts, projects, bids, and deliverables for the CARB, the Roads Committee, the Water Resources Committee, the Security committee, and the Equestrian Center Committee. In a community of 863 homes, Megan's arrival means that the Board can concentrate on policies, oversight, finances, and mitigations. 

Welcome Megan!

GCA Assessments are Past Due
The GCA second half assessment of $518 was due on 1 September. If you have not yet received your invoice, contact Associa by clicking here and include "Missing Invoice" in the subject line.

As of 18 October, there are 39 late payment accounts. If you have not yet paid, please make your payment soonest and avoid a late fee charge. You can leave your payment at the gatehouse in order to avoid post office delays.
The Treasurer
Branch & Twig Pick-up Starts 2 Nov
Mark it on your calendars ... the fall branch and twig collection will start on Monday, 2 November.

Branches should be placed at the curb by 7 AM on 2 November with the cut end toward the street. No stumps, dirt, trash, or other yard materials will be collected. Anyone living near a GCA Common Area is invited to bring fallen branches to the curb. If your material is not picked up on day one, not to worry, it will take about a week to finish the Glenmore circuit. Remember, there will be only one pass per residence by the GCA contractor. Please be ready!

Note: The fall "leaf pick-up" is scheduled for the week of 7 December.
Fall Leaf Pick-up Starts 7 December
Fall leaf collection will start on Monday, 7 December.

Leaves should be next to the curb by 7 AM on 7 December. If your leaves are not picked up on day one, not to worry, it will take about a week to finish the Glenmore circuit.

Important Reminder: There will be only one pass per residence by our GCA contractor. Please be ready!

GCA Board Nominations Committee 
GCA elections are just four months away, and the Nominations Committee is looking for candidates to run for the GCA Board in February 2021. If you want to serve on the Board, please click here (Add the subject line "Nominating Committee")

You may have heard in years past that the Board spends hundreds of hours per month running GCA operations. With the expansion of Associa’s professional management services (see article above), we have been transferring "operations" to Associa, leaving the main role of the Board as policy and oversight. Board members serve two years and chair and/or serve on two Board committees. The Board meets twice monthly for two hours each.
Looking for Answers on Mailboxes??
Our GCA Web Page has vast amounts of information. In fact, to find info on Mail Boxes, go to the web page, then click on "More" on the top line. You'll get a drop- down list. Click on "FAQs". Then scroll down to "... my mailbox needs attention".

Just have some general questions? Email Megan Burch by clicking Here.
Watch These Dates
Nov 2: Branch and Twig Pick-up week begins
Nov 3: Election Day (click here)
Nov 5: GCA Board Working Meeting 5-7 PM (GoToMeeting)
Nov 19: GCA Board Meeting 7-9 PM (GoToMeeting)
Nov 26: Thanksgiving Day (click here)
Dec 3: GCA Board Working Meeting 5-7 PM (GoToMeeting)
Dec 7: Leaf Pick-up week begins
Dec 17: GCA Board Meeting 7-9 PM (GoToMeeting)