Breezy Hill Update
22 July 2019

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GCA Board of Directors
Glenmore Tank and Pump Station Cut Over
Have you had any issues since the Service Authority switched to the new Glenmore Tank and Pump Station? If yes, send an email explaining your issue to with the subject line, "Water Cut-over Issues".
Why the Big Rock at the Gatehouse?
We recently had two cars drive past and around the right side of the resident's entry gate, driving on the dirt next to the lane. In order to dissuade drivers from attempting that maneuver in the future, we first placed temporary bollards along the side of the lane. The bollards were then replaced by "the big rock". 

There is sufficient room for walkers and bicyclists to enter between the end of the gate arm and the rock. There's also sufficient room for large RVs to pass through the resident's entry gate. 

If the gate is inoperative, the gatehouse personnel will assist you with entry. Please remind your guests and visitors to use the visitor's lane immediately adjacent to the gatehouse. 

Note: The police were notified of the incident and have followed up with the owners of the cars. The car license plates were identified through photos from our GCA security system. 
GCA Requests County Officials Abide by the 2010 Master Plan before Approving Breezy Hill
Last month, the GCA Board of Directors authorized the President to send a letter to the Albemarle County Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors encouraging them to deny the rezoning application of Southern Development for increased housing density at Breezy Hill. The GCA Board noted the comprehensive, inclusive process that was used to develop the 2010 Master Plan which recommended no new development until improvements to Route 250 are completed.

We've since heard that the 2010 Master Plan does NOT obligate the county to follow the approved Master Plan when making rezoning decisions; rather, it is guidance that can be ignored. Therefore, it is imperative that residents attend all open Albemarle County government sessions where Breezy Hill is being considered to ensure our voices are being heard.

Please consider attending Albemarle County Planning Commission Session on 30 July from 6-8 PM at the County Office Building on the corner of McIntire and Preston Avenues. 
GCA Emergency Preparedness
The GCA board met with the Albemarle County Emergency Preparedness coordinator, Allison Farole, a few months ago to better understand how communities should prepare for emergencies. She offered her willingness to meet with a residents group for an hour to inform them about how individuals and families can prepare for common emergencies. If there is interest in such a meeting, we will arrange a time and place for the session. Please email with the subject line, "yes to Emergency Preparedness Session" if you would like to attend such a meeting.

For more information on Emergency Preparedness, click Here.
GCA Members ... Looking for Answers?
Our GCA Web Page has vast amounts of information. If you open the Web Page and click on "More", you'll see "FAQs" with answers to frequently asked questions such as:
  • ... I want to park a vehicle in the RV Parking Lot
  • ... I have a problem accessing the gatehouse
  • ... I want to install an irrigation system
  • ... I want to report a crime or suspicious activity
Watch These Dates
Jul 30: Albemarle Cty Breezy Hill Applic Work Session 6PM
Aug 7: Albemarle County Board Meeting 1PM and 6PM
Aug 15: GCA Board Meeting at 7 PM
Aug 21: Albemarle County Board Meeting 1PM and 6PM
Sep 2: Labor Day