Bremer Calls Out Oltmann’s Violent Rhetoric as Anti-Republican
Vows to not attend his events and calls on fellow Republican Senatorial candidates to do the same

December 13, 2021

(COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) – Upon hearing Oltmann’s most recent, shocking and vile remarks, CO U.S. Senate Candidate Eli Bremer announced he will refuse to attend any event if Joe Oltmann is speaking or that is sponsored by an organization where he holds a leadership position. Bremer calls on his fellow Republican Senatorial candidates to do the same.

This follows hearing a December 3rd interview, where Joe Oltmann called for the public hanging of several Republicans who he labeled as “traitors.” In the same interview, Oltmann indicated he would also support executing Democrats who disagree with him.

Bremer stated, “Joe Oltmann has become highly influential in the Colorado Republican eco system. He is a charismatic leader who preys on the concerns of many well-meaning conservatives who are unaware of his dark intentions. Calling for mass execution of political opponents is so far across the line of any acceptable behavior that it must not be tolerated or go unaddressed.

“Oltmann’s comments do not inspire a discussion or even a debate about election integrity. He makes threats of inciting domestic terrorism via public executions of his political opponents. Threatening public hangings is not protected First Amendment free speech and represents unacceptable behavior that should have no place in Republican discourse.

“While there may be some policy disagreements between the various candidates, I believe we must all agree as good Republicans and human beings that clear threats of domestic terrorism have no place in the Republican Party.

“Having all Republican U.S. Senate candidates refuse to participate in any events where Oltmann’s terroristic ideology is supported will help show Coloradans that Republicans are leaders, ready to govern,” Bremer concluded.