Who is Brenda Aloff

I am Brenda Aloff. I have been training dogs professionally for over 20 years. I specialize in problem dogs. I have  5 published books and a DVD . I also teach at clinics and workshops around the globe.

I love watching dogs and owners create a more understanding and closer relationship. After all these years, I still get a shiver of delight when I see a dog "get" the message I am trying to communicate, or when the dog has that "Ah ha!" moment. I get all warm and fuzzy when my human student has the thrill and increase in self confidence that results when using excellent mechanical skills combined with the right timing and technique. These are some of my favorite things!

When I am not working dogs, I am riding horses. This has been a life-long passion of mine, and I cannot wait every day to spend time on ground work or mounted work with the horses. About 8 years ago I got very involved with Dressage and love it! I find myself more intensely horse crazy even than when I was a child (which was already bordering on OCD behavior).

Once people have the dog, I wish they could read the dog's body language better, because, again, problems that are entirely preventable could be curtailed or avoided altogether. When you have even a general idea of what the dog is communicating, you have lots of opportunities to give feedback to the dog about his behavior.

About the Workshop

Get Connected II
May 23rd - 24th

Brenda will share her unique approach for accessing instinctive dog behaviors and changing the paradigm. Learn how to see situations, as the dog perceives them, thus equipping you with a wider variety of tools to work with dogs. Discover how emotion affects the training process. Brenda will help us to understand Dog Body Language. Both the experienced professional trainer and the serious dog owner will appreciate Brenda’s sense of humor as well as her wide base of experience

Among the topics Brenda will discuss:  Positive Reinforcement and its proper use; exercises for Reactive Dogs; discussion of problems in training/showing and using the Get Connected Protocols to address trust, respect and tension issues, especially for those of us who compete!

Brenda approaches the subject of dog behavior with compassion, understanding, wisdom and humor. Brenda is down to earth with both her explanations and her teaching. Her seminars are well spoken of and met with rave reviews by her colleagues, her students and we suspect, by the many dogs whose lives have been improved and even spared by what their owners have learned.

It is easy to find information about teaching a dog to sit or lie down or come when called. But there has not been a coherent plan for teaching someone how to reliably evolve a sounder/deeper relationship with his or her dog. Get Connected Exercises are designed around bodywork and a se ries of relationship-based exercises to teach dogs about personal space, and teach owners about observing and guiding "micro-behaviors".

Cost of the Seminar

AUDIT: $275 for the weekend
PRIVATE LESSONS (Limited Space): Email for Details

Please direct any questions towards WestInnKennels@gmail.com