MAY 28, 2020
STATEMENT: Brenda Victoria Castillo, President & CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) on Donald Trump's Unconstitutional Targeting of Twitter and Facebook
Image Source: The Washington Post
As many of you have seen by now, earlier today President Trump signed an Executive Order that gives sweeping power to the Federal Communications Commission and other federal agencies to moderate online social media content. NHMC believes this is a legally unsound proposal that is yet another stunt to emphasize anti-conservative bias that simply does not exist on social media platforms. 

President Trump is using his executive power to intimidate social media companies to allow him and other conservative politicians to spew hate, lies, racism, and unchecked misinformation. He has also wrongly conflated content moderation and fact checking to that of government censorship, and has disguised this conflation as an act of Free Speech. While NHMC is supportive of efforts to decrease the virality and prevalence of hate speech online, we strongly oppose the President’s Executive Order as it is not based on constitutionality or the facts of the situation. In addition, NHMC strongly opposes any effort that prevents or reduces federal agencies’ ability to advertise on social media platforms in light of the Census, 2020 Election, and the ongoing pandemic.

As an organization working on the front line to stop online hate, NHMC appreciates and welcomes steps like that of Twitter , to ensure that users have a clear opportunity to separate what is truth from what is propaganda -- particularly in times of crisis. To stay up to date on information about this ongoing issue, follow NHMC on Twitter @nhmc . It is paramount that we collectively continue to work to protect the safety of diverse voices and stories online. 

Respectfully Submitted,  
Brenda Victoria Castillo
President & CEO 
National Hispanic Media Coalition 
The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) is a 34-year-old non-profit organization that builds bridges, creates opportunities, resources, and connects Latinx talent with the entertainment industry.

NHMC advocates for the Latino community, ensuring that we are fairly and consistently represented and heard through every form of print and mass media. There is a strong correlation that how we are perceived on screen directly affects how we are treated in the modern world. With this in mind, we educate the U.S. Congress in order to better ensure policies that help our community and push for positive change in broadcast and digital media. We provide educational programs that prepare Latino talent for the entertainment industry and we bridge historically underrepresented communities with opportunities to truly connect with the decision makers of today. At NHMC, we believe that you don’t have to be Latino to know that representation matters.