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Brenham was established in 1844 and many of the buildings you see today were built later that century. Our historic buildings tell their own story of the history of Brenham.

In response to requests from citizens, City Council has appointed a Historic Preservation Committee to develop an ordinance to preserve this history.
Why Historic Preservation is Important
∙ Preservation ordinances protect places and things of value to the whole community.
∙ Under preservation ordinances, property values are stabilized and, in most cases, increased.
∙ Change and new development are both desirable and inevitable. It is how that change occurs that either enhances our historical foundation or degrades the historic fabric.
∙ Ordinances keep the public good in perspective.
∙ It establishes a decorum in the community where historic preservation is a social and economic asset.
∙ Knock down a historic building and put up buildings out of scale and out of context to those around them, and see how the district has been devalued. Not only is there a very real loss of heritage and character, but an economic loss too. You’ve lost part of your community’s identity.
4-star concert hall at sunset
Building Preserved
St. Anthony Laundry - now 4 Star Concert Hall
Rehabilitating historic properties conserves taxpayers' dollars, conserves our local heritage, and conserves the natural environment.
Rehabilitating historic buildings and using the infrastructure that is already in place to serve them is the height of
fiscal and environmental responsibility.
- Donovan Rypkema, Place Economics
Historic Preservation Ordinance Committee
City Council has appointed a Historic Preservation Ordinance Committee to develop an ordinance. The committee members include:
City Council Representatives:
Susan Cantey
Clint Kolby

Main Street Board Representatives:
John Hermann
Jim Moser
Planning & Zoning Commission Representatives:
Deanna Alfred
Cayte Neil
Public Representatives:
Katie Burch
Tina Henderson
Ed Owens
Tami Redshaw
Mary Thornhill
The committee will be discussing different sections of a Historic Preservation Ordinance each month. Members have "homework" to prepare and the section to be discussed in November will be the "purpose" of the ordinance. Use the link below to review sample sections being considered by the committee this month, and share your thoughts - or questions - by clicking the red feedback button below. All input will be shared with the committee prior to their discussions each month.
Meeting 1 Highlights
  • Committee members introduced themselves and shared why they agreed to serve on the committee. Some members are serving as representatives of City Council, the Planning & Zoning Commission, or the Main Street Board and others are citizens who own historic properties or have been engaged or shown an interest in preservation.
  • Jennifer Eckermann, the City's Tourism & Marketing Director - who served as Main Street manager for 20 years - shared a photographic history of Downtown Brenham, and showed the committee a number of buildings that are no longer with us. She also shared photos of some buildings that may be considered for designation as local landmarks.
  • Development Services Director Stephanie Doland discussed what an ordinance is, and how it is developed. In addition, she shared ten basic elements of a Historic Preservation Ordinance.
  • Eckermann discussed the importance of getting public input throughout the process. The committee all understood that this process may take up to a year, and agreed to meet once a month until a complete draft was ready to present to the Main Street and Planning & Zoning Commission.

Public Input
Keeping the public informed through the ordinance development process is vital. Please share your thoughts and ask questions through our feedback form.
Photo Contest
Do you know what is now at the location where this building once stood? If you know, be the 1st or 2nd to respond with the correct answer to win a gift card from a downtown merchant. Be sure to include any memories you have of this building or building owner.

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