Brent Spence Bridge Corridor November 30, 2023 eNewsletter
The State of Ohio has reached an agreement to purchase Longworth Hall and plans to use a portion of the building for BSBC project team office space.  
As part of the project, approximately 200 feet will be carefully removed from the far eastern end of the building to make way for construction of approaches to the new companion bridge.
Importantly, the bulk of the 1,160-foot building will remain completely untouched. Construction workers will close the opened wall using bricks salvaged from the partial removal, preserving Longworth Hall's historic character.
Areas of Longworth Hall not impacted by the construction necessary to accommodate the approaches to the new companion bridge will continue to function and operate as they do currently. No impacts to the long-term operations of the building are expected.
Originally built as a freight terminal for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in 1904, Longworth Hall is known as the sister building to Camden Yards in Baltimore. Nicholas Longworth, patriarch of Cincinnati's business, political and philanthropic family, originally owned the land.
Learn more about the professionals who make up the BSBC Project's bi-state management team. Visit the website to read profiles on each of the eight people who lead the management team. To get you started, here are short video intros for Stacee Hans and Tommy Arnold, project managers for KYTC and ODOT, respectively.
Stacee Hans is the KYTC project manager for the BSBC Project, where she brings the leadership and team-building skills she refined on the basketball court in college to the world of transportation and project management via an environmental career.
"It's almost surreal to be part of what I consider to be one of the most transformative projects for not only Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati but our entire region. It's amazing and sometimes there are not even words to describe it."
Tommy Arnold is the ODOT project manager for the BSBC project. His background includes serving as project manager for the Interstate 71-Martin Luther King Jr. Drive interchange, the first two-step, low-bid design-build project ever constructed in Ohio.
“This is a huge opportunity for our region, and what we're looking to do is spread the word about the construction and transportation industry. It is an excellent career to get into and there are more opportunities every day."
Have a question for the Brent Spence Bridge Corridor Project team? Feel free to submit a question or comment on our website here. All questions are answered and posted monthly on the Public Comments and Responses page. Here are a few recently received questions and answers.

Q: What are the ‘new shared use paths’?
A: A shared-use path is a 10-foot paved path that can be shared by pedestrians, cyclists and other non-motorized users. Renderings of what the shared-use paths might look like on 6th Street in Ohio are shown in slides 23-26 of this link.
Q: I’m a journeyman carpenter with an extensive resume. I live in Cincinnati and I would like to be a part of this project.
A: Thank you for your interest in the Brent Spence Bridge Corridor Project. You may reach out directly to the design-build team regarding opportunities to work on the project using the following email address: [email protected]. You can also visit the Walsh Kokosing Design-Build Team website here. Additional links to resources for firms that want to work on the project are available on the "Work With Us" page on the project website.
Q: We are interested in providing pricing for the project. We are a minority, woman-owned disadvantaged business enterprise heavy-highway contractor.
A: Please visit the "Work With Us" page on the project website for links to resources for firms that want to work on the project and/or reach out directly to the Walsh Kokosing Design-Build Team here. In addition, please visit the "DBE/D&I Resources" page on the project website for a list of upcoming networking events.
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