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Ribfest Chicago 2013
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Local Boy Makes Good and Wins Chance to Face the Best Food Eaters in the World.

Winner Brett Bernstein The Amateur Rib Eating Contest only has three rules, according to IFOE/Major League Eating MC, Sam Barclay.
1. You have to have a nickname.
2. You have to clean the ribs down to bone.
3. You need to alert the paramedics if you get in trouble trying to down 3 pounds of ribs in 4 minutes.

For all that, you have a chance to win a shiny trophy, a snazzy RibMania t-shirt (which can also be purchased at Ribfest) and a chance to compete with the likes of #1 ranked competitor, Joey Chestnut, at RibMania IV tonight. 

In his second attempt, Brett "The Ravenous Rabbi" Bernstein cleaned off 17 bones in the 4  minute challenge. This year's official judge is one of our RibMania contestants, Juan "One More Bite" Rodriguez. And he was a stickler for making sure each and every bone discarded in the pile for counting was clean, clean, clean. Congrats Brett, and good luck tonight!
Check out all the photos from the event on Flickr.

A "BIG" thank you to Rub Backcountry Smokehouse for supplying all the ribs for tonight's contest. Rub won the "Best Ribs" award from our celebrity jury in 2012.

Purchase a VIP Pass and by-"Pass" 
the lines!
Get your special Ribfest Chicago XV VIP Pass! The $99 pass lets you skip the long entrance and beer lines. There will be separate beer lines and a gate for VIP Pass holders. PLUS, you get $50 in food and beverage tickets, a special 3-day weekend pass so you can come and go as you please, and a FREE official RibMania or Ribfest Chicago t-shirt.

Celebrity Judges
Steve Dahl Each year restaurants vie for two awards. The "Best Ribs" is awarded by a panel of celebrity judges that include popular radio hosts and notable local journalists and writers. Check out this year's five celebrity judges here. Radio personality, Steve Dahl, will be stopping by the Northcenter Chamber booth on Sunday after the judging to sign autographs.

The "People's Choice" is awarded based on your vote. Each rib restaurant will have a 3-bone sampler so you can try each one out before casting your vote.  

After Hours Party 
We know some of you aren't ready to go home when the festival closes for the evening. So we've arranged for an After Hours Party at Big Bricks at 3832 N. Lincoln (just south of the festival).
Our count-down is winding down to mere hours before the gates open for Ribfest Chicago XV. Be sure to get all the details at for bands, restaurants, Kids Square entertainment and more.

Festival Hours:
Friday  5-10 PM
Saturday  Noon-10 PM
Sunday  Noon-10 PM
Your $5 suggested gate donation supports the Chamber's community events, greening initiatives, and Ribfest Volunteer and Philanthropic Grant programs that benefit our Northcenter organizations and schools. 
Funds from Ribfest Chicago have allowed the Northcenter Chamber of Commerce to invest $200,000 back into our community. Your support of Ribfest allows us to fund and grow these programs.