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Thank you for being a loyal Proteus Brews customer. Here are a few highlights from last year and what's new for 2022:


2021 Highlights

  1. Safety First. 2021 was a challenging year for serving food and drinks. We closed our indoor seating area most of the year. Thank you for your patience! We hope to re-open indoor seating by Mid-February, at least on a limited basis.
  2. Great Suppliers. Our coffee roaster and tea suppliers Open Seas and Thread, and our bakers Hawthorne Fine Breakfast Pastry and Shortcake Bakery did a great job keeping us supplied throughout the year. Thanks so much!
  3. New Drinks and Ice Cream. We added Matcha lattes, steamers, seasonal drinks, flavored milks, new iced tea options, and great ice creams from local favorite Simple Pleasures.
  4. Welcome to New Staff! Welcome to our talented barista part-timers Alma, Cole, and Semajh!

What's in Store for 2022

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Old-School Reward Cards. To save costs, we're ditching our online rewards program and going back to punch cards for free drinks. We plan to roll out the new cards in February, and we will honor rewards earned under the old system. Just ask!


Expanded Hours. As the days get longer, and the virus continues to recede, we hope to expand our hours to 5pm most afternoons.


Community Events and Special Orders. If you have a local event that needs coffee and pastries, please give us a call a day or two before your event. We can usually take special pastry orders by 2pm the day before.


Spread the Word!

We depend on word of mouth for our advertising. We want to continue to grow slowly, while maintaining the highest quality and keeping everyone safe. Thanks for telling your friends and neighbors about our great drinks and yummy treats!

Thank you so much! -The Proteus Brews Team Annie, Priya, Alma, Cole, Semajh