We started a series called, "From Brian's Heart," where our Director & Founder Brian Thomson shares a video each month with updates and stories that touch his heart. The reason Home of Hope exists today
Brian shares the Why's of Home of Hope - Be the Good Samaritan wherever you go!
Rock & Roll!
Our team in Bukavu, DR Congo, Pastor Ephrem and his wife Deborah, started helping a group of about 100 homeless children and teens. Pastor Ephrem has started teaching them about business and had an idea to get the older ones (ages 14+) working together to make money. They began crushing large rocks and selling the "gravel." The teens are able to make enough money from selling the gravel to provide food and basic needs. They are learning about work and business. Many of them have not gone to school. The children under 14 have started selling charcoal door-to-door. These young teens are able to make money to both buy more charcoal and provide their own food. The pastors are working on finding solutions for these kids to get off the streets.
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Building Bricks in India

India Home of Hope bought a brick-building machine recently. The older boys have learned how to use it, and they are rapidly becoming the provider of bricks to the entire area. They will also be using the bricks for the new school building.

Pray for Home of Hope India

Please pray that the legacy that began in 1982 will be strengthened and expanded with the boarding school and farm & brick businesses. They are struggling with a present spiritual attack and the country is being devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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