Brianna was admitted to the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) in July of 2019 with several diagnoses to include autism spectrum disorder. Brianna arrived in a specially modified wheelchair that was designed to restrict her arms, legs, shoulders and torso from moving as well as straps and splints to further immobilize her. These modifications and health related supports were necessary to reduce the severity of Brianna’s self-injurious behaviors.
Brianna has an extensive history of engaging in self-injury. Throughout her life Brianna has been able to chew and mutilate her bottom lip and cheeks to the point of severe facial deformities.
On admission Brianna could not walk without significant assistance from at least 2 staff. Even then, Brianna could only walk for short distances as a result of fatigue and the prevalence of her self-injurious behaviors. Whenever out of her chair, or removed from some of her restraints, Brianna would engage in severe self-injurious behaviors often resulting in the re-opening of wounds on her face and mouth.

Over time we began increasing the amount of time Brianna spent out of her chair each day, and increased her walk durations. Slowly she was able to transition to the use of a walker and one staff to walk for short distances and could remain out of her chair for 20 or so minutes multiple times a day.
Out of the wheelchair and walking on her own!
Brianna's level of independence began to improve and soon she was assisting with her self-cares, performing chores, and walking around her residence regularly.
Performing tasks independently at her residence
As a direct result of her behavioral progress and improved mobility, Brianna no longer requires her chair for mobility support or restraint. Brianna now walks to every location with minimal assistance and has been able to conquer stairs with ease.
Working hard on classwork
Perhaps of greatest value are the substantial gains Brianna has made in her level of independence and overall quality of life. Now, she is capable of anything! Over the past few months, Brianna’s personality has been able to shine through. She is fun, affectionate, caring, and sweet. She socializes with all staff and peers and has truly captured the hearts of those around her. We anticipate continued behavioral progress for Brianna and continued advances in her level of independence, education, and quality of life.
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