Solar Eclipse, Marlow's Spirit Night, PTA Day at the Braves, Beaver Boost, and More!

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PTA Events

PTA Reflections

The theme for 2017-2018 is Within Reach.
Categories for entry include: Dance choreography, Film production, Literature (which includes not only poetry or short stories but also screenplays and more), Music composition, Photography, Visual Arts (which include not only painting but also sculpture, wind chimes, fiber arts, print making, dioramas, and many more). 

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Briarlake's National PTA School of Excellence Needs You!
UPDATED July 2017 - Open PTA Positions for 2017-2018       

  • AV Team Member - Are you good with audio/visual equipment?
    We are looking for a few volunteers who are comfortable assisting with sound & audiovisuals at a few school and PTA events.
  • Awards
     - Do you like to celebrate the good in our school and our PTA? If so, we need you to help prepare applications for awards sponsored by Georgia PTA and National PTA. The templates for these awards are already completed. Information just needs to be updated from year to year. 100% of this position can be done from home!
  • Book Fair Co-Chairs (two more co-chairs to serve with co-chairs Elaine Thompson & Milly Gemerew) 
    - The Scholastic Book Fairs is one of the most fun events of the year. We are looking for two more parents to help monitor money either during the lunch shift or the after school shift during the Book Fair.
  • Campus Beautification Co-Chairs (two or more co-chairs needed)
    - This position involves rallying people to show up on workdays and organizing them on the three campus workdays each year. The PTA purchases all workday supplies.
  • Diversity & Inclusion Co-Chairs (two or more co-chairs needed)
    - The role of the Diversity co-chairs is to assist the PTA programs with diversity initiatives, activities, and events. If you are strongly committed to celebrating Briarlake's diversity, this is the position for you!
  • Fall Festival Co-Chair (to join Karen Hutchinson) o   The Fall Festival committee is comprised of over 10 dedicated subcommittee chairs who handle the bulk of the Fall Festival activities. We are looking for one more Festival Lead who would be co-keeper of the central checklist/ central point of contact for questions, miscellaneous decisions.
  • Fantastic Friday Co-Chairs 
    - Fantastic Fridays are a Briarlake tradition during which parents in certain grades provide potluck lunch for the teachers. Many parents volunteer to help with this event and we are looking for a few Fantastic Friday Co-Chairs who could be available during the day on the three Fantastic Fridays (one in November, February, and May) to help set up and clean up.
  • Fish Tank Co-Chair - Shadow the fish tank co-chairs this year (2017-2018) to learn from them how to clean the fish tank once every few weeks and then take over the fish tank chair position in 2018-2019 when the current chairs transition to Henderson Middle School.
  • Go Green Team Co-Chairs(two or more co-chairs needed) - Do you love the earth? Then being a Go Green Team Co-Chair would be a great position for you. In this position, you can help organize litter pick up days, help the teachers maintain their outdoor gardens, help spread the word about the school's recycling initiative, or anything else you'd like to do that will help keep the Briarlake community green!
  • Healthy Habits Co-Chairs (two or more co-chairs needed) - Do you like to be healthy? Help support several of the Healthy Habits events that happen at Briarlake such as the 
    Farm to School Initiative! Healthy Habits Co-Chairs can coordinate events such as the Fire up your Feet event, Screen Free Week, etc. 
  • Math Club Co-Chair - Do you love math! We are looking for one more parent to help coach an afterschool math club. We have one parent volunteer and we need one more! The hours of the club would be determined by your schedule and you would have support from the school's STEM committee to help you focus your math-related activities in the club!
  • Mascot Team ("Team Bucky")  - Want to be involved but don't really like to talk - then joining Team Bucky is the job for you! Mascots don't talk but they sure make kids smile. If you are available to wear the Bucky costume at an event or two next year based on your availability, let us know!
  • Welcome Committee Co-Chairs  (two needed) - Help new parents feel welcome at Briarlake! Work with the PTA officers to integrate new parent welcome activities throughout the year. 

Contact Emily Graybill ( ) or Jennifer Petrich ( ) if you are interested in serving in a position
listed above or if you would like to find out more information.
We would love to hear from you!

Love Out Loud Campus Clean Up

Our partners at Briarlake Baptist Church will be joining us for our first campus clean up of the year! There will be tasks for everyone, tall and small - from litter pick up to debris pick up. Help us prepare our beautiful grounds for the 22nd Annual Fall Festival and for the rest of the year! 

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BES Updates and Reminders from Principal Lewis

for updates from Principal Lewis concerning
  • Construction at BES
  • the Solar Eclipse Extended Day
  • Dismissal reminders
          •  Friday Folders
          •  Staffing.
School Directory/Planners

Were you not able to purchase your child's planner (2nd-5th graders only) or complete your family's information in the school directory at Open House? No problem! Complete those tasks here: 

Friendly Reminder from our Crossing Guard Team

Reminders for all vehicle drivers 

Please do not talk or text on the cell phone when you are picking up and dropping off your children. 

Do Not Block the Crosswalk -  Cars should not stop on the crosswalk.  The pedestrians should have the full crosswalk area to walk.  

Reminder for all pedestrians

Please walk in the crosswalk - Families should be crossing within the crosswalk.
Bus Route Delays

Here is the Bus Route delay page (the below link) that will reflect any delays for Region II, especially the Lakeside Cluster. Parents in the Lakeside cluster may check this webpage for updates.   

Briarlake After Care: Chess Club and Activities

Chess club is starting early October. If you'd like to enroll your child, please contact Ms. Hamilton on REMIND or email her at

Non-After Care students are welcome to enroll in any after school activity for the drop-in fee of $12/day (1-2 days a week). You will need to pay the yearly registration fee to sign up ($25/1 child, $20/2+ children). As a reminder, Fall activities are:
  •  Humble Bee Arts/Crafts: Starting August 14, 2017 - December 18, 2017; Mondays 2:45 - 4p
  •  Four Seasons Sports Came, Ultimate Frisbee: Starting September 2017; Time and Date TBA
  • Chess Club: Starting early October, Time and Date TBA

Ms. Hamilton and Ms. Francis are encouraging all After Care parents to use the Webstore for weekly payments. You can sign up on the Briarlake website. Direct link with additional information can be found here.

Please sign up on Remind for important updates from Ms. Hamilton. 
  • If you have a smartphone and get push notifications:
    • On your iPhone or Android, open your web browser and go to 
    • Follow the instructions to sign up for Remind. You'll be prompted to download the app.
    • If you don't have a smartphone, to get text notifications:
      • Text the message @a8a67 to the number 81010
      • If you're having trouble with 81010, try texting @a8a67 to (404)620-3365 
Curriculum Nights - Save the Date! 

8/29............................Principal Forum, Curriculum Night (Grades PreK-2), 6-8pm

8/31............................Principal Forum, Curriculum Night (Grades 3-5), 6-8pm

Please make plans to attend Briarlake Elementary School's Principal Forum & Curriculum Night. During Curriculum Night, the Principal will present an overview of curriculum plans for the 2017-2018 academic year. After the Principal presentation, you will be invited to your child/children's classroom where your teacher will provide specifics related to his or her class.

This event is intended for
  parents only;   however, if you need onsite childcare, please email Ms. Haratine by Sunday, August 27th to let her know.

More information to come! 

Briarlake Beaver Boost

To donate to the Beaver Boost online, click one of the links below

Information about Monday's Solar Eclipse
August 21st, Solar Eclipse Early Check-out, Dismissal and Volunteering:
Due to the extended day on August 21st and dynamics of the day, we are moving early check-out to be between 11:30-12:30. For safety and traffic concerns, we ask that parents do not check students out during the hours of 12:30 and 3:20.  Any day someone other than those noted on your emergency contact card will be picking up your child, a note must be shared with your child's teacher. If you would like to volunteer during the outdoor viewing and participate in the viewing with your child, please contact your child's teacher for guidance.

August 21st, Solar Eclipse Aftercare:
Please note that ASEDP will maintain normal hours, closing at 6 pm.  Students not registered for aftercare must be picked up by 3:30 and not later than 3:45. Please call the front office if you have any concerns.

This consent form was sent home in students' folders earlier this week. If you did not receive this form, please contact your teacher. 

Here is some additional safety information for the Solar Eclipse.

DeKalb County School District will extend the school day by one hour on Aug. 21 due to solar eclipse

DeKalb County School District will be providing solar eclipse glasses for all students. In past communication, we shared that the Briarlake PTA purchased glasses for the students. The PTA was able to return the solar eclipse glasses they purchased. 

STONE MOUNTAIN, GA. - The DeKalb County School District (DCSD) will extend its school day by one hour on Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, to provide safe viewing and instructional opportunities related to the expected solar eclipse that day.

Dismissal will occur one hour later than usual, at the end of the extended learning period. Our three-tier dismissal system starts with elementary schools, followed by high schools, and finally middle schools. Parents are encouraged to contact their child's school to determine the exact dismissal time on Monday, Aug. 21.

According to NASA, the solar eclipse will occur across North America that day when the moon obscures 97.4 percent of the sun. The solar eclipse will be viewable around 1:02 p.m. and end at 4 p.m. DCSD reminds its community that it is not safe to stare directly into the sun without special glasses, and it is providing lessons that will allow students to safely take advantage of the moment.

Those lessons may include the distribution of special viewing glasses, and opportunities to view the eclipse using monitors and safe viewing options. Many teachers will also include information on the eclipse in their lessons that day, as appropriate.

School Lunch

Breakfast is $1.40 and Lunch is $2.50.  Cash, check, or money order is accepted OR you can try the new automated system.
SchoolCafe   - allows parents to add money to their children's account using a credit or debit card. Once an account is established, parents can check balances and fund their children's accounts online via their secure website. It also sends reminders when the balance is getting low.  

Please click here "Parent Registration Guide" for detailed instructions for registering.

Cash, Check/Money Order accepted at schools.

For more information concerning Dekalb Nutrition click  here

First Day of school: Galaxy Pepperoni Pizza, Galaxy Cheese Pizza-V, Philly Steak Pinwheel

  August Breakfast Menu                 August Lunch Menu
Upcoming Dates

8/14............................MAP fall screening window opens (8/14-9/27)
8/22............................PTA Monthly Board Meeting &     Info Session for PTA Committee Chairs & Room Parents, 6 to 7pm, media center
8/24............................School Council Meeting, 1 pm
8/24............................Marlow's Tavern Spirit Night, 5 to 7pm
8/27............................PTA Day at the Atlanta Braves, 1:35pm
8/29............................Principal Forum, Curriculum Night (Grades PreK-2), 6-8pm
8/30............................School Pictures
8/31............................Principal Forum, Curriculum Night (Grades 3-5), 6-8pm

Re-enroll in Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger's Atlanta Division customers and associates are eligible to re-enroll in the Kroger Community Rewards program. Customers and associates can designate reward points you earn to the participating schools, charity or organization of your choice by using your Kroger Plus Card. Organizations and schools do not need to enroll each year, but EACH Kroger shopper is required to re-enroll his or her Kroger Plus Card on an annual basis. Re-enrollment is now, and dollars accumulate for your choice of charity beginning August 27, 2017. Please visit
Kroger Community Rewards Re-enrollment starts today, Tuesday, August 1, 2017
  •        The Kroger Community Rewards (KCR) program is evaluated annually, and the time for Kroger Plus Card holders to re-enroll is now. The Atlanta Division launched the program in September 1, 2013 and Card holders must re-enroll to begin accumulating dollars for their schools, charities, and organizations starting August 27, 2017.  This year, Kroger is proud to donate $500,000 to local schools and nonprofits through this Kroger Plus Card based fundraiser. 
  •        All organizations that have already signed up for Community Rewards DO NOT have to enroll again.  Once an organization is signed up for the program they continue to be active.
  •        An organization's enrolled members and supporters DO have to re-enroll every August.  They will not have to set up a new account only link their card again to the organization of their choosing.
  • Now through August 26, 2017 customers may re-enroll.  Their current selection will not be affected and continue to earn rewards through the end of this program year. 
  • Their re-enrollment organization will start earning for the new program year starting August 27, 2017.
  • Past programs of this nature tend to lose their impact over long periods of time. Participants need to have an active role in order for the program to continue to be effective and engage our customers