Volume 84 October 21
Iodine, Cetait BonTemps and Bad News Bear, God Complex, Chevy Lace, Sweaty Eddie, and Filthy June from Through the Looking Glass photos by Erin Teresa IG: @erinteresa
Brick Newsletter #84

What an incredible and varied week of performances we had at The Brick since we last spoke. We dug in and opened our heart to Zenon with a Z, live streamed an encore performance of The Instant Pleasure, were dazzled by the dance combos of BASELINE, went deep, deep, deep into the rabbithole of avant drag performance with Through the Looking Glass, and are currently in the midst of three nights of hoe-ing down at the Queer Ole Opry. Never a dull moment at The Brick. This week we have a slew of videos to share from ?!:New Works, hypnotizing photos, and a jam-packed week of spooky treats to satisfy your sick and twisted minds.

Shall we dive in?
Yes, let's.
Two more chances TONIGHT (October 21), and TOMORROW (October 22) to catch Queer Ole Opry, a variety show highlighted by drag performers, burlesque dancers, comedians, musicians, poets, dancers, and more. Walkups welcome!

Get your tickets now for Jody Christopherson's captivating solo performance of St Kilda, a one woman Scottish horror excursion with supernatural foley looping.

The Theatre Times described it as “one of the funniest, spookiest experiences I’ve ever had at the theater." This is the ideal show to get into the spooky spirit this fall season.

Watch the trailer below and join us on October 23.

We keep the spooky theme going with an event that is new to The Brick -Evil Hour Evening Reading, started in 2017 to get writers and artists in front of an audience, reading and storytelling. writer Lance Scott Walker hosts a bill of artists from different disciplines and diverse backgrounds all reading pieces that touch on a central theme.

The theme for this iteration is “Isolation” and we will be joined by Joanna C. Valente, K Chiucarello, Boice-Terrel Allen, Jade Gomez, hosted by Lance Scott Walker.

BrickFlix is back (!!!) and this time we will be honoring indie horror auteur Larry Fessenden of Glass Eye Pix. Larry will intro his latest short film, Fever, as well as a Glass Eye favorite - The House of the Devil, directed by Ti West.
We will also have a program of vintage 16mm shorts from legendary cinefile and archivist Gary Balaban and free ‘Depraved’ pizza from Two Boots.

Every BrickFlix is chalk full of great filmmaking, insightful guests, and the best pizza in town. You can not get a better cinematic experience for the price. We will see you there!

AH — it’s spooky; it’s scary; it’s ooky; it’s kooky; it’s an evening of interdisciplinary performance bringing together a diverse group of dancers, comedians, performance artists, and drag performers from across New York City,

BLAH meets at the intersection of salon/cabaret/nightlife/and your spookiest Art World nightmare and features performances by Anya Kneez, April Vendetta, Davina Diiviiniity, Jenny Arimoto, Joanie Drago, Travis Amiel, and Shawn Escarciga.

WOW! See you there.

Our dear friends and frequent Brick performers Peter Mills Weiss and Julia Mounsey have a show at Soho Rep! We will DEFINITELY be seeing this one and you should too.

while you were partying
November 3-28 @Soho Rep
Full details below and Tickets Available Here


Brick curator Nicolas Noreña and Timothy Scott of The Million Underscores will be teaching a new Six Viewpoints workshop at Studio Maya over six Saturdays 12:00pm - 4:00pm from October 30th through December 13th (skipping November 27th).

Learn from these great artists, we can not recommend this class enough.

Full details below and Sign Up Here.

That's all for now, take precious care.
+ We Love You +
The Brick
A reminder that The Brick will be requiring proof of full vaccination status for ALL upcoming performances. We ask that all audience members remain masked. All staff and performers will be vaccinated, performers may not be masked. Audience can provide proof of vaccination with a government issued I.D. along with a COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card or the Excelsior Pass App. We are navigating this day to day just like all of you so please be patient with staff when you attend your next Brick event. We love you all.
?!:New Works 2021 - Night Six
Can Yasar
Colin Heininger
Donat De La Cruz
Fernando Vieira
Hosted by Garlan Jude
?!:New Works 2021 - Night Eight Part 1
Alex Aguirre
Xavier Rice
Hosted by Garlan Jude
?!:New Works 2021 - Night Eight Part 2
Devon Wade Granmo
Johanna Stone
Xavier Rice
Hosted by Garlan Jude
?!:New Works 2021 - Night Nine (Excerpt)
Aaron Laroche and Ryan William Downey
Hosted by Garlan Jude
?!:New Works 2021 - Night Eleven
Rawya El Chab
Zeynep Akca
Marija Krtolica
Can Yasar
Hosted by Garlan Jude
?!:New Works 2021 - Night Fourteen
Alex Aguirre
Amanda Ariel Peggy Xeller
Fran Pado
Jason Wang
Kate Zibluk
Hosted by Garlan Jude
?!:New Works 2021 - Night Thirteen Part 1
Whitney Matheson
Hosted by Garlan Jude
?!:New Works 2021 - Night Thirteen Part 3
Travis Amiel and Cosimo Pori
Hosted by Garlan Jude
?!:New Works 2021 - Night Fifteen Part 1
Kegan Zema
Hosted by Garlan Jude
?!:New Works 2021 - Night Thirteen Part 2
Jill Melanie Wirth
Hosted by Garlan Jude
?!:New Works 2021 - Night Thirteen Part 4
Xavier Rice
Hosted by Garlan Jude
?!:New Works 2021 - Night Fifteen Part 2
William Sydney
Travis Amiel
Evan Silver
Simple Town
Hosted by Garlan Jude
videos courtesy of Zanni Productions
Live from The Brick
Das Sofortvergnügen (THE INSTANT PLEASURE)

An Encore !? Festival Performance live-captured
in collaboration with ZANNI Productions. 

Queer failure artist Travis Amiel and the ravishing dancer-poet Cosimo Pori invite you to experience Das Sofortvergnügen (THE INSTANT PLEASURE), a dance-theatre-spectacle about insatiable desires, [in]convenience, and patience.

Available to watch right now onThe Brick YouTube Channel
photos by Bryan Clavel
@bryan.clavel / @privilegequeen
The Brick presents
Queer Ole Opry
October 20, 21, and 22 8pm

Queer Ole Opry is a Variety show that shines a light on the incredible talent of folks who fall under the umbrella of queerness. From Drag performers, burlesque dancers, comedians, Musicians, poets, dancers, and more. We all have the explicit desire to share whats in our heart. Often we find that when you share your heart you discover that you aren’t the only person struggling with similar things. As a community of artists and queer people we are always stronger together.
The Brick presents
St Kilda
October 23 8pm

A One Woman Scottish Horror Excursion With Supernatural Foley Looping 

Written and Performed by Jody Christopherson
Sound and Foley Design by Andy Evan Cohen
Voice Over Acting by Michael de Roos
Dialect Coaching by Chloe Dirksen

After the death of her Grandmother, an American woman travels to an abandoned island off the coast of Scotland and unearths a dark family secret . . . in a world where the past is anything but dead.

This tale of supernatural horror is steeped in Scottish folklore and told in a tradition as ancient as its subject matter.  Jody Christopherson, alone onstage, creates her own sound score, lighting, and special effects to conjure a multi-layered storytelling experience.  
St Kilda is inspired by the historic 1930 evacuation of Scotland’s archipelago of St Kilda.

The Brick Presents
Evil Hour Evening Reading
Joanna C. Valente, K Chiucarello, Boice-Terrel Allen, Jade Gomez

Hosted by Lance Scott Walker

Evil Hour Evening Reading was started in 2017 to get writers and artists in front of an audience, reading and storytelling. The title comes from Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s 1962 novel in which rumors going around a small Colombian village create unrest that compels the town’s mayor to declare martial law, during which he exacts revenge on his political enemies. All of us have lived in evil hour. For Evil Hour Evening Reading, writer Lance Scott Walker (Houston Rap TapesDJ Screw) hosts an bill of artists from different disciplines and diverse backgrounds all reading pieces that touch on a central theme, with an emphasis on performance and the energy of paths that might not have otherwise crossed. The theme for this Evil Hour is Isolation. Previous themes have been EscapeTranslations, and Past Lives, with readers Kaiama L. Glover, Kim Barker, Liesl Schillinger, Anna Godberson, Magus Magnus, Shenequa Golding, Tod A, Quincy Flowers, and JB Roté. Produced by Ojet Studios.

The Brick presents
BrickFlix – Fever and The House of the Devil
with special guest Larry Fessenden
October 25 Doors 630pm

BrickFlix has resurrected just in time for Halloween!
We’re celebrating the return of BrickFlix with a hair-raising Halloween program, honoring indie horror auteur Larry Fessenden. There will be a classic Glass Eye Pix feature, a sneak preview of Larry’s spooky new short and vintage trailers from our secret weapon Gary Balaban.

Plus free ‘Depraved’ pizza from Two Boots and plenty of refreshments
First up, we will be treated to a program of vintage shorts from legendary cinefile and archivist Gary Balaban, then Larry Fessenden will introduce his latest short film Fever, “a mixture of spoken word narrative and disturbing images”  and we top it all off with one of the best horror films of the past 20 years, The House of the Devil, directed by Ti West.

Fever – directed by Larry Fessenden is a segment from Isolation – Nine tales of terror weave together the story of isolated citizens around the world as they confront their darkest fears in an attempt to survive an increasingly deadly outbreak.

The House of the Devil – Desperate to make some money so she can move into a new apartment, college student Samantha Hughes (Jocelin Donahue) takes a mysterious babysitting job. When she arrives at the house, Mr. Ulman (Tom Noonan) mentions a full lunar eclipse and explains there is no child, but that Samantha will be watching his mother instead. After exploring the sinister-seeming house, Samantha soon comes to realize that her employers are hiding a horrifying secret and have plans to use her, dead or alive.

BrickFlix is a film series curated by Phil Hartman (Sundance Award-winner No Picnic; The Pioneer Theater; HOWL! Festival, etc), bringing together indie filmmakers, vintage treasures, live performances and specially-themed Two Boots pizza.
Vintage shorts curated by legendary cinefile and archivist Gary Balaban.

6:30pm: Doors open; bar pours; playlist plays
6:45pm: Pizza arrives
7:15pm: Gary Balaban Shorts Program
7:40: Larry Fessenden Intro
7:45: ‘Fever’
8:00pm: ‘The House of the Devil’
9:40pm: Q&A
10:15pm: after party at Northen Bell

AH — it’s spooky; it’s scary; it’s ooky; it’s kooky; it’s an evening of interdisciplinary performance at The Brick. Bringing together a diverse group of dancers, comedians, performance artists, and drag performers from across New York City, BLAH meets at the intersection of salon/cabaret/nightlife/and your spookiest Art World nightmare.
As part of the City Artists Corps initiative from the New York Foundation for the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, BLAH is an evening of art and performance organized by Shawn Escarciga.

Bringing together some of the most playful and powerful creative voices from across New York CIty’s artistic disciplines, BLAH celebrates innovation, honors artistic ancestry, and is also a place for artists to straight up fuck around. BLAH is an attempt at ethical collaboration—championing fair artist pay, community accessibility, and a space for unique work to thrive, while making room for networks that might not ordinarily co-mingle to come together (vaxxed and masked obv). BLAH is spooky, ooky, kooky, and scary, but mostly its a joyful pre-Halloween evening of watching the ghouls do their thing.

Anya Kneez
April Vendetta
Davina Diiviiniity
Jenny Arimoto
Joanie Drago
Travis Amiel
and Shawn Escarciga

NYFA and New York Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) as part of the City Artists Corps Grant 

The Brick presents
James Moore and Andie Tanning
with special guests Emily Hope Price & Alba Par
November 3 8pm

An evening of adventurous music and song featuring the duo of James Moore (resonator guitar) and Andie Tanning (violin), cellist/vocalist Emily Hope Price, and the Argentinian duo Alba Par (Clara Elena Montes, voice, Francisco del Pino, guitar).

Moore & Tanning present an eclectic set of new compositions for violin, guitar, and voices, featuring music by Robert Ashley and the NY premiere of a new collaborative work with composer Eve Beglarian. They are joined by songwriter Emily Hope Price, who will perform solo works from her 2021 album OUTERSPACE using voice, cello and electronic effects, and Alaba Par, the duo of vocalist Clara Elena Montes and guitarist Francisco Del Pino, who will perform a set of electrified medieval chansons.

James Moore, resonator guitar & voice
Andie Tanning, violin & voice
Emily Hope Price, cello, voice, & electronics
Clara Elena Montes, voice
Francisco Del Pino, electric guitar

The Brick presents
by Lydia Mokdessi and Jason Bartell
November 6 4-8pm

DEVOTION DEVOTION III is a durational performance for dance, guitar, and voice. Initiated by dancer Lydia Mokdessi and musician Jason Bartell in 2017, the duo have developed shared practices of sonic and physical droning, employing opulent loops and cinematic imagery to create a pleasurable meditative experience within a harsh audiovisual environment. Accompanied by vocalist Syd Island, this third iteration of the project allows the score to develop over four hours, intensifying shared intuition, dissolving individual authorship, inviting failure, and troubling the relationship of the body to identity, spectatorship, objectification, service, submission, and control.

Lydia Mokdessi, dancer @lydiamokdessi
Jason Bartell, guitar and synth @jasonbartell
Syd Island, vocalist @syd.island
Charlotte Mokdessi and Daniel Young, visual design
@pe7sona @charlottemokdessi @_synesthetics
photo credit Daniel Young

The Brick presents
Gestating Baby Volume 1:
Jerry Lieblich and Robert Malbrough
November 11-13 8pm
Featuring Two New Works

Holy Ghost People
and Mahinerator

Holy Ghost People
Written by Joshua Young
Performed by Rachel Weekley & Jacob Cowan
Lights by Mike Shulz

A phantasmagoria about otherness, space, time-travel,
religion, bodies, and bad photography.

Holy ghost people is a bad name for them. but we can’t shuck it away. it clings. everyone still uses it. the holy ghost people are not ghosts. they have real hair. god loves them most, so they say. all of a sudden they were standing in our lawns, in our traffic, in our malls, & they were wearing white cloth & they were speaking & speaking & speaking. Did you see them conjure Sylvia?

written by Jerry Lieblich
performed by Steve Mellor

Mahinerator is a monologue play in a quasi-English pseudolect about an extremely competent and ambitious bureaucrat who designs increasingly efficient systems for mass ecocide. Starring two-time OBIE award winner Steve Mellor (Terminal Hip, Cellophane)
An ambitious bureaucrat (2x OBIE-er Steve Mellor), speaking a quasi-English pseudolect, tells the story of his many most excellent achievements: He belone didst crackitate logisticals what puzzled onwards up! He belone didst solute up efficiencies for ecocidal cleanly dawn! Him! Him! Now turnly froth thine earliparts what for to hears him speaks it!
The Brick presents
Re-Inventing Love
by Marija Krtolica
November 26 and 27 8pm

Re-Inventing Love sources from the writing of the philosopher Alain Badiou and surrealist poetry to create an embodied poetics. Dramatic pathos, irony, moments of isolated beauty from everyday urban life, and bold kinetic expression combine to create startling scenes.
“Re-Inventing Love” revolves around amorous relationships at the time of a socio-economic crisis. The starting point is love as a truth procedure through which we can get to know ourselves, and construct long lasting connections.

The work problematises romantic desire by addressing repression, political inequalities, and difference seen through prism of the philosophical concept of love. “Re-Inventing Love” is inspired by the writing of the philosopher Alain Badiou, and surrealist poetry. Its primary medium is movement which turns literal poetic tropes, and opens up a pathway for re-thinking the concept of love, while purposefully bumping into its troubling, humorous and perplexing manifestations.

The work is made in collaboration with the performers and artists:

Julie Fotheringham
Michael Mangieri
Dustin Maxwell
Jason Ciaccio
Marija Krtolica

The Brick Presents
Sonntags wird gelogen Or We Only Lie On Sundays
Created by Leonie Bell with LOCAL GRANDMA
December 2 – 5 & 9 – 12, 2021 at the Brick Theater

In this dark humor Tanztheater landscape, matriarchal lineages converge and convene with mistranslations, misunderstandings, mundane anecdotes, and your weird neighbor. Cacophonies of choral song and pedestrian movement; performed in German, English, & Denglish.

On a random Montag in time: Mama waits for her long-lost husband to return from war and has rendered everything else invisible, including her daughter Gilly. A flock of mothers search for their daughter, Hanna; maternal chaos raves included. A strange chorus sings apologies to those wronged by Capitalism & a former employee is on the hunt for the long-longed-for adoptive (adult) child who will save her from geriatric isolation. In this dark humor Tanztheater landscape, matriarchal lineages converge and convene with mistranslations, misunderstandings, mundane anecdotes, and your weird neighbor. Cacophonies of choral song and pedestrian movement; performed in German, English, & Denglish.

Featuring Ali Andre Ali, Leonie Bell, Olivia Bernabe, Caroline Burkhart, Sarah Finn, Marcella Murray

More info at localgrandma.org
Don’t forget your local grandma!

“Sonntags wird gelogen Or We Only Lie On Sundays” is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council.

The Brick in association with Collard & Rosenblatt
presents a staged reading of
Like The Wind
December 19 and 20 8pm

Like the Wind is a new electronica-pop musical that explores the lives of Bennie and Cai, two queer teenagers running away from a conversion therapy facility in the summer of 2018. Loosely inspired by Bonnie and Clyde, Bennie and Cai choose to change the fate that society has set for them and break through the constraints of expectations and rules. With a queer, female writing team at the helm, Like the Wind explores themes of identity, forgiveness, and queerness in young people.

Elspeth Collard – Music
Sam Rosenblatt – Book & Lyrics
Daniella Caggiano – Director
Rai Arsa Artha – Music Director
Kyle Ronyecs – Stage Manager

Renee Kauffman – Cai
John Byrd – Bennie
Remy Thompson – Ash, Emma, Heather
Matt Stevenson – Dev, Attendant, Isaac
Sarah Allbrandt – Cai’s Mother, Farrah, Adult Woman
Diego Bly – Bennie’s Father, Gideon, Adult Man
Alia Cuadros-Contreras – Understudy
Kalonjee Gallimore – Understudy

while you were partying
November 3-28
@Soho Rep
a story by Peter Mills Weiss and Julia Mounsey
with Brian Fiddyment

When you were partying I studied The Blade
When you were having premarital sex
While you wasted your days at the gym in pursuit of vanity
I cultivated Inner Strength
And now that the world is on fire and the barbarians are at the gate you have the audacity to come to me for help?
This is a comedy show.

By tracing the edges of these materials through their relationships, we will arrive at a complex definition of their territory, have a comprehensive idea of how they have been traditionally organized, and experiment with what new possibilities exist in their composition.

This exploration is rooted in 12 years of work with Mary Overlie and stems out of our own unique curiosity with this philosophy and technique. Through a combination of perceptual exercises, movement scores, improvisational explorations and compositional experiments, we will venture together into a deep interrogation of the far edges of this work. 

We will cover some introductory Six Viewpoints training, however this course is designed for those who have had some previous experience with Mary's Six Viewpoints. If you are unsure of whether or not this course is right for you, or an appropriate place for you to start, please reach out to us and we can asses this together.

Attendance for this workshop will be capped at 10 students. 
To sign up email: themillionunderscores@gmail.com 

Please let us know if you have any questions about the workshop, and of course feel free to share this with those you think would be interested.

All our best and very much looking forward,

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