Sponsor your personalized gift brick
in Mattie's Peace Garden
Order by May 1... 
for only $125 each
(35 percent off!)

Receive a great sale (35% off)
and a 100% tax deduction.
  And know that you are supporting
Mattie's peace mission with your gift!

Bricks make great gifts --
  Mother's & Father's Day,
Graduation, Birthday,
Retirement, Anniversary, ANY day!

  Your brick will be installed
BEFORE our summer event! 

The City of Rockville, MD will be hosting 
  their Fireworks Celebration in
  the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Park
  on July 4 from 7-9:30 pm.

Mattie's Foundation will be hosting 
  our summer Peace Gathering  
  from 5-8 pm on the same day, 
  in the Peace Garden area.

Join us for cake and conversation,
  then stay for the City's celebration.

All bricks ordered by May 1 will be installed
  in Mattie's Peace Garden before the July 4 event.

Let us know if you would like a "brick gift card" sent to you
  or the person you are honoring with your sponsorship.
Each card has a photo of Mattie's statue or the Peace Garden,
  the name of the brick sponsor and honoree, 
  and the inscription as it will appear on the brick. 
Your brick will also be posted on our website. 



Other information from Mattie's Foundation... 
    July 4 Peace Gathering in Mattie's Park (5-8 pm, followed by the City of Rockville fireworks party) -- information and request for volunteers coming soon.
    Our annual "Mattie's Birthday Campaign" will be in full swing soon. This year-round funding activity is highlighted during June and July (Mattie's anniversary and birthday months). This has been a challenging year for us, and we are deeply grateful for your ongoing support and gifts that keep Mattie's Foundation and peace mission moving "forthward."
  • UPDATE --
    Medical journey (and prayer request) from Mattie's mom as she continues her battle to defeat cancer and so many complications from the treatments -- click here... 

Gratitude note --
Thank you to all of our Foundation friends, for your support and patience during this difficult year. Mattie's Foundation is a very small, volunteer-based non-profit. Mattie's mom, Jeni, handles most of the logistics, programming, outreach, events, communications, and day-to-day operations of the Mattie's peace mission. She is truly grateful for all the notes of encouragement, and for the prayers, and for the patience so many have shown as during the past year, as she has juggled treatment for cancer with her work and dedication to this peace organization. Her goal is to the website back up to date in the next month or so, and to celebrate an amazing Peace Gathering with so many friends on July 4, in Mattie's Park.