Christian Mission to the Orient

P.O. Box 2363, Joplin, Mo 64803                                                    June, 2018 

       Have you ever been walking confidently forward excited about the future, positive in God's leading when BAM---a brick wall appears?   Those brick walls can leave you dazed, turned around and off focus.   
       The Bible gives repeated warnings that "brick walls" are going to come into our path.  The simple truth is the enemy of the cross does not want God's kingdom to advance and he works hard to stop God's people.  He works from within us stirring up our fears, doubts and insecurities.  And he works from outside throwing criticism and rejection onto our path.  The ultimate goal is to stop our advance. 

      At CMO, it is our passion to surround those called by God to knocked down walls and advance God's Purpose.   Not just in SE Asia, but throughout the world.    Did you know that CMO alumni are serving in over 5 countries?   Alumni from Lanna Theological Center are reaching out in areas of Asia that westerners cannot go.  Some have even gone to the West and are serving in places like Australia and California!      Interns and other volunteers with CMO ministries have been challenged to step out and step-up their service and as a result walls are tumbling down all over.  
       Brick walls!   They can seem pretty daunting and can even hurt.  But they cannot stop God's Agenda!   There are two important things we can do to tear down walls of resistance.  First, we can pray. James 5:16 says that the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective.   
      Secondly, we can just decide to NOT stop.  But to do so, we need support.  We need encouragement and assurance.    Maybe that is one reason Paul admonishes Christians to encourage one another and build each other up.  We need to help each other keep going.  
      The CMO team wants you to know that we pray for you.  We hope you realize that your influence is far greater than you can even imagine.     Please let us know how we can pray specifically for you and your ministry.   
      Also, we want to invite you to join the CMO Prayer Team.  The CMO Prayer Team aims to pray God's Word over God's Work.   Each month we identify 3 areas of Kingdom ministry to pray specifically for God to bless.     If you would like to join the CMO Prayer Team hit the reply button and let us know.  

Join us in Prayer......
1.  College Students: 
          Pray for the LTC students who have just started their new academic year.  Ask God to protect their determination to follow His Call and that they will not become discouraged. 
         Pray for those who are making decisions to pursue leadership training this Fall; that God will confirm His Call and settle all their doubts and provide all that they need to step out in faith. 
2.  Youth Ministries:  
          Pray for those who serve our young people.  In the US, it is summer camp season and so many are out there giving their time and energy to minister to the next generation. 
          In Thailand, our DOR Teams are gearing up to go to area orphanages and dormitory ministries to encourage and inspire young people.     

We are grateful for your continued partnership with us.     We invite you to view some pictures from the opening of the new school year at Lanna Theological Centre. 


I n Christ, 


The CMO Team