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November, 2019
Welcome to the first newsletter from Sun Valley Bridge at the YMCA. We'll bring you tips on bidding and play, as well as news of your friends and upcoming events.

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Defense Tip
If you are playing defense and have the ace of trump and two small trump, consider playing the ace on the second round. Then lead your third trump.

Why? If there is only one trump in defenders’ hands and it is higher than declarer’s trump, declarer will usually leave it alone rather than use two of his trump on a trick he will lose, anyway.

Foil the declarer’s plan and make him use as many of his trump as possible to get yours.
How Come I Don't Know That? Online Lessons
Our online students may be in Hawaii, Anchorage, Los Angeles, New York City or anywhere in between. Starting in mid-November, we’ll offer online lessons from the upcoming sequel to Jo Murray’s book, How Come I Don’t Know That? You'll learn the “standard” approaches to bidding and play, like the one above, that “everybody knows” but nobody ever tells you.
Here’s the schedule.

  • Nov. 11 – Review of New Minor Forcing and Fourth Suit Forcing
  • Nov. 18 – How Come I Don’t Know That? Preempts
  • Nov 25– How Come? Notrump Land
  • Dec. 2 – How Come? Bidding Strong Hands

Private lessons, online and in person, are always available.
Thank you,
Don Lewis
 Don earned his first masterpoint, and we said we would celebrate with a cake for him. But Don doesn't eat cake; his choice of a good treat is a gin and tonic. So he asked if he could bring gin and tonics for all. It was an easy decision. Congratulations, Don!
Goodby, Errol Flynn
We had a going away party for Errol Flynn, who is moving to Florida.Thanks to Judy Powell, Jo Harmon, Peggy Hollitz and Sylvia Miller for organizing it.
Jo created the fun poster, "Good luck! We hope your new location is a grand slam."
How Would You Bid This Hand?
* * *
North is dealer.
Neither side is vulnerable. How would you bid this hand? See the answer here.
YMCA & Sun Valley Bridge Form Partnership
Note: You've probably seen or heard the news by now. But just in case you haven't, here's a link to the press release.
Congratulations to
Tournament Winners
Our players have had a string of wins in recent tournaments:
  • Allen Jones
  • Steve Heidel
  • Chris Turner
  • Mary Jo Rutherford

Locals Sue White and Ken Brait have become life masters. For details and a list of October winners at Sun Valley Bridge, click here.
2,000 Reasons to Feel Better About Your Game
From the bulletin at the Charlotte, NC, tournament:
"A retired tournament director told us of playing a hand in two hearts doubled Monday night. She took one trick. We don’t want to hear any more griping from the rest of you."

We looked.up the score. Down 7, doubled and vulnerable , is indeed minus 2,000 points.
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