October 7, 2017 
It's the Annual General Meeting Season

The AGM for Newcastle Community Centre will take place on Tuesday October 17th at 19.30 followed by the AGM and ordinary meeting of the Newcastle Residents' Association.  Everybody is welcome to attend both meetings and if you are interested in getting involved either in a big way, or a small way, come along on the night or even better contact Michael Carey (087) 238 1060 or email him here.
The development of closer co-operation between Newcastle Residents Association (NRA), Newcastle Community Centre and other organisations in Newcastle is on the agenda. Recently s taff from the Bray Partnership engaged with personnel from the Community Centre, the NRA and other organisations within Newcastle in order to see if it is possible for the different entities to work more closely together in the interests of the village generally. 
The matter is likely to be aired at both AGMs.

Everybody is welcome to attend both meetings and if you are interested in getting involved either in a big way, or a small way, come along on the night or even better contact Michael Carey (087) 238 1060 or email Michael

Tuesday Oct 17th at 7.30pm
Tidy Towns Competition 295 points
Once again Newcastle has increased its performance in the Tidy Towns competition with 295 points compared with 287 in 2016. The performance has shown a consistent improvement each year since 2010 when a score of 250 was achieved. The result is a credit to the way in which the village has been consistently maintained by a small core of volunteers backed up by larger numbers during our village clean day in the spring and  the involvement of children in the successful anti- litter campaign, including the annual beach clean-up.
Tidy Towns Volunteers on April 22 last

The judges, who visited the village on June 28th, were particularly impressed by a number of issues including; the high quality of our highly informative application form and our efforts at enhanced communication; the degree of community involvement and engagement and the successful fundraising initiative for the fire damaged house. 

Other positive comments related to the lack of litter; our beautiful cedar trees, the giant Redwood tree at Oaklawn and the old Sessile oak at Old Fort; the attractive roundabout and its blooming roses adjacent to the N11; the landscaping around Watchtower, the stonework surrounding the welcome signs to the village, the high maintenance standards achieved by the Hunter's Leap and Racefield estates and the attractive sylvan approach to Castle Manor estate. The installation of new footpaths in Seaview was also noted. The section of the Little Vartry River and its surrounds along the Sea Road around Calder's Bridge, and the Healy Farrell GAA entrance also drew positive comment as did the use of perennial plants throughout the village. 

While we continue to score poorly for sustainable waste and resource management. The judges also commented on the enhanced relations with residents generally and in particular the North Wicklow Country Market describing both as a win- win situations.  

Suggestions for improvements included the need for a landscape plan for the new pub car park and the tidying up of the adjoining the Vartry River; the restoration of the old petrol pumps; the development of walkways, greenways and cycle paths, the renewal of traffic ramps, signage surrounding the Pack Horse bridge on Church Lane, the collection of rainwater, the use of small solar farms in the area and the installation of a e-car charge point in the village. To read the full report click here

If you would like to be involved in any way with any of these projects, please take the first step by contacting us here

Through the Looking Glass  A Picture of Who We Are & Where We are Going
This survey was conducted in the autumn of 2016.   Two hundred and fifty online and 250 paper questionnaires were distributed to households in the community. Thirty online surveys were completed and twenty were returned on paper.   Most returnees were aged 40-60 years with a significant number in their 20s.   While the survey did not ask for gender or socio economic information, their answers suggested that there was a balance of men and women and most were either working outside of the village and/or raising children.

The survey was open for responses for three months, from September 15 until 15 December 2016. Most of the online forms were completed in the first few weeks of the survey going online.
You can read the full results of the survey here

Fundraiser for Community Centre - A Golf Classic
Golf Tournament is next Saturday 14th October. €20 to enter. Four person scramble. Two drives per person. Starts @ 10.30. Contact Mick Daly on (087) 054 3000 to book a tee time
Meeting with Local Councillors and Making  Strategic Plans

Many issues and aspirations were raised at the community 20:20 Vision Consultation Meeting held on the 6th February 2017.   Arising from the outcomes of the Consultation Meeting, the Resident's Association identifies the following Aims and Objectives:
1. Develop a communication strategy to facilitate and support local residents to engage with Newcastle Residents Association and access local services, amenities and information. 
2  Prepare and implement a Tidy Town Plan for the Newcastle Area based on a four year cycle.
3  Develop a Village Design Statement to enable Newcastle to be classified, recognised and sustained as a historical village.
4.   Develop opportunities for communication between Newcastle Residents Association, other agencies and neighbouring villages, to enable  the area develop as a vibrant and sustainable community. 
5. Review on an ongoing basis the remaining issues raised at the Vision 20:20 Consultation Meeting in February 2017, with a view to ensuring that any that have not been included in Strategic 
Aims 1 to 4 are given due consideration.
These aims and objectives now form the basis for our Strategic Plan, which we are pleased to say is nearing completion and is due to be agreed and published soon.

Greystones Municipal Councillors  met with a delegation from Newcastle Residents Association on July 25th at the Council's offices in Greystones. The NRA delegation included Michael Carey, Hugh O'Rourke and Jacky Noonan. The purpose of the meeting was to update the Council on progress being made with the ongoing strategic plan for the village. The session was very positive and highly informative for both sides. 

In This Issue
Brendan Murphy
Brendan  is stepping down as Chairman of the Community Centre on October 17th. Newcastle Residents Association wishes to acknowledge the cooperation and support given by Brendan during his tenure of office and in particular his work on the Tidy Towns initiative.  

Leader Funding
Newcastle Residents' Association have applied for a grant from the Leader Programme to develop the walkway from Watchtower across the fields to Church Lane.
For all aspects of making  Newcastle an even better place to live. 
We are  interested in hearing from you. Everybody is welcome.  Contact us now to get started. Call Michael @ 0872381060
All welcome

Local Burglaries
There have been two burglaries in the area in recent weeks and all residents are strongly advised to be on the lookout for strange behaving individuals and to report same to the Garda.  

Christmas Fair Dec 3rd

The Craft Group is looking forward to this years Craft & Gift Fair. Free entry to all. They promise a great selection of artists, crafters, knitters, face painting, foodies & much more. Immerse your self in our Christmas atmosphere & shop for some unique presents.Santa will be there from 2-4. 
Heritage Week Walk

Our Heritage week walk was a great success with over 40 attendees of all ages. We are particularly grateful to Bob Jennings and Dominic Byrne for their contributions on the day and to James and Miriam Norse and Sylvia and Malcolm Broadstock for enabling the group to access their properties and beautiful gardens at Kilmartin. Also to Pam Minnock who provided the welcome refreshments afterwards in the Community Centre.. 

Two defibrillators have been donated to the village by John Nugent and the event received good coverage in the local media. Training for volunteers is being organised by Shirley Phibbs. If you would like to be a volunteer, and to receive training on their use, you should contact Shirley at 087 310 4266.     
Every Sat 10.30-12.30
The coffee pot is ready and the kettle on the boil and the tables full of fresh homemade brown bread, vegetables, soups and much more.

Come, chat, have a cuppa, browse. We would love to catch up with everyone.

Don't Miss  
and Community Centre
Tuesday Oct 17th, 
at 7.30pm in Community Centre 

New Walkway for Bridge at The Breaches

As part of an upgrade works programme, Iarnród Éireann is carrying out bridge maintenance works on the railway bridge between Kilcoole and Newcastle. Underbridge UBR159 is a steel span railway bridge which spans a tidal outlet for an estuarine river known as the Breeches.  As part of these works a cantilevered walkway is also being erected. This will greatly facilitate walkers. The work involves modifications and repairs to the existing bridge including re-painting the structure.   
The site is located in an area of special environmental sensitivity. It is also a nesting site for protected birds. Every practical effort will be made to reduce disturbance and encroachment onto these adjoining environmentally protected sites. Every endeavour will be made to minimise impact on neighbouring properties during day and night-time work.  All efforts will be made by the project team and the relevant contractors to ensure minimum disruption to residential properties in the Newcastle and Kilcoole areas during the course of the works concerned.  Access routes used will be reinstated to pre-works condition. Most of the work will be carried out during daytime hours but night-time work will also be required for certain tasks such as: scaffolding, structural repairs and materials deliveries.  Night-time working, when trains are non-operational, will be more concentrated at the beginning and end of the project, due for completion approximately January 2018. 
Newcastle Residents Association is in discussion with the contractors and the airstrip on the restoration of the walkway on the western side of the railway when the upgrading is complete.
Further details on the project can be obtained from Garry Cregan at GABE (0862358913).

Paints & Poisons . . .. H is for Hazard
Much of what we throw in our bins is actually hazardous waste.
Paints and solvents; batteries; fluorescent tubes; fertilisers; pesticides & poisons;  Waste medicines; adhesives, inks and resins; caustic soda and waste oils drain . . Cleaners, cleaning agents and detergents  . . p hotographic chemicals, oven cleaners, shoe polishes
Do  store them until the next hazardous waste collection.